20 August 2010

I know that as a stay at home mom, and as an unschooling mom on top of that, weekends aren't really quite the same as they are for the majority of the population but I love it when Friday night rolls around. Nope, it's not because I go out on Friday nights (ever) or because I get a couple of days away from dirty dishes and laundry. It's because that guy who spends his weekdays in front of a screen downtown comes home for an evening and two days straight. Woo!

James has talked in a few entries about how huge a deal it is to know when that other parent is going to walk through the door and offer backup and it's so very true. But where 5:45 on a weeknight is like drinking a cup of super awesome coffee, the weekend is more like eating the centers from cinnamon roles for supper.

There are twice the number of parents! All day long! If I need to pee, I can actually go in to the room alone and close the door. And have time to do my pants up before I come out again! If I'm nursing the baby down for a nap and the kids start fighting, Liam steps in and gets it sorted out. I don't have to stick my head out the door and yell about what a horrible mother I'll end up being if the bleeping baby doesn't get a bleeping chance to have her bleeping nap. And! If the kids are starving to death but I can't manage to throw a sandwich together because I'm too busy cleaning pee off the floor while simultaneously keeping the baby from launching herself off the recliner repeatedly, Liam the Sandwich Superhero can step in!

And in case you think my excitement about Liam's time at home is all about his mad parenting skills, I assure you that my wifey self is happy to see his husbandy self too. I like Liam. Like, really really like him. He engages me in some pretty great conversations and (don't tell him I'm admitting this) he's pretty funny too. After all these years together I really can't ever get enough hanging out with Liam time. He makes me happy and when he's wearing shorts his legs make me really happy.

And so, with that, I'm off to sit back beside Mr. I'm A Hot Commodity On The Weekends. We have some important TV to watch before I fall asleep half way through the show. Not that I ever do that.


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh which is just what I needed :) I feel the same way. (But about Aaron not Liam). Enjoy your weekend and happy anniversary.

Luv ya,


KimProbable said...

Yay! I'm glad I brought a smile to you on such a hard night Leah. And I'm glad to hear your feelings are for your husband and not for mine. ;)

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