11 August 2010

Last night's ponderings followed me into today and I've decided that it's the official Kim's Decluttering Week Extravaganza. The big kids being gone camping for the week with Grandma make the timing all out perfect. I've got a bit more physical space and a whole lot more mental space with only one little person underfoot!

My big goal for the week was to get the kids' bedroom cleaned and organized. Nick and Lily currently share a bedroom upstairs, though we're all sleeping in the basement for the summer as a way to avoid the heat. I spent a good period of time yesterday and pretty much all of today clearing off the floor, organizing toys, going through all the clothing, washing walls, dusting, and moving everything around.

I really wish I'd taken some before photos to show what a change there is so far. I hadn't cleaned the room properly since somewhere early in my pregnancy with Olivia and virtually every last inch of floorspace was covered with Lego pieces and clothing. It looks fantastic right now, and once we get the new shelving unit in (we got this one from Ikea!) the room is going to thrill the kids to bits.

I continued the clearing and decluttering by deleting all my e-mails off my BlackBerry and by sending off an e-mail that helped me to let go of a frustrating situation. I've also been thinking of some ways to make better use of my volunteer hours and I think I've come up with some solutions that should leave me better meeting my responsibilities and feeling better about my work.

I feel like tonight I have more space inside my brain. Whether it's from the physical decluttering, the emotional decluttering, or just the fact of not having been with the two big chatty kids since yesterday morning I'm not sure, but I'm feeling more centered inside of myself which is never a bad thing.

I'm excited to see what I can accomplish tomorrow!


legion said...

For myself, I find decluttering in one life always relates to others. When I'm feeling overwhelmed my rooms get cluttered. When I'm feeling renewed purpose, I organize and clean. to me it all seems related

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