15 February 2007

This morning, a woman I know told me how her 6-month-old daughter was diagnosed earlier this week as having a serious congenital heart defect which will require open-heart surgery in the very near future. I realized just how blessed I am to have two healthy children.

I received news that a new friend will be moving away. She's very sad to be leaving the support and friendships she's developed over the past few years and wonders what it will be like to be without these. I see that it's such a blessing to live in an area where I'm close to my family, extended family, and many wonderful friends.

This afternoon, a boy in Nicholas' school was lying in the snow and crying after being bullied by some older boys. After spending a great part of the day being frustrated over the way he was treated, I've come so see what a blessing it was to have been able to comfort this boy and help him get back on his way home.

I received a phone call this afternoon that Nicholas' school bus was involved in an accident and that none of the children were injured. I hugged Nicholas close and realized just how happy I was that I'd picked him up from school today.

This evening, I was chided for still breastfeeding Lily. I was annoyed by this until I realized that it's the first negative comment I've received in the 17 months I've been breastfeeding her. It's been a huge blessing to have found so much support for my decision to breastfeed a toddler.

There are so many moments during the day when I have the choice of how to react to the world around me. I can become offended over every bump, or I can gloss over the parts I don't enjoy. I can spend my energy complaining about the injustices in the world or I can focus on each small joy. Although I do get caught up in negativity sometimes I know that life is too short, blessings are all around, and I like being happy.


El Cliff said...

Even in my position of King of Ranters, I agree wholeheartedly with your position. Actually, focusing on the positive and not worrying about things beyond your control, but only about things you CAN affect is a very Samurai way of living. So there ya go...not only do you get to be more positive, you just might be a ninja before long, too.

Liam J. said...

As if a samurai graduates to a ninja! Hm... noble and honourable graduating to ruthless stealthy killer... bull.

El Cliff said...

But you can't e Parkers's black ninja if you're a good guy, dammit! (Good lord, but that movie...whose title constantly escapes me...was hilarious).

No, you're quite right. I have been busted for mixing my Asian martial masters...curses!

Liam J. said...

Enter the ninja

El Cliff said...

Wasn't Enter the Ninja the GOOD one we watched BEFORE that movie?

Liam J. said...

First, I can't believe you're challenging my knowledge of the ninja movies I've watched since I was a little boy.

Secondly: Revenge of the Ninja was the one where Sho Kosugi played the ninja who had hung up his sword (with the ceremonial tape over it) until he stumbled into a smuggling ring (with his import shop) and they kidnapped his kid. Then he went berzerk and killed all of the bad guys until the fight with the white guy who was a ninja at the end.

Enter the Ninja was the one where Sho Kosugi knew the main character from the beginning of the movie when they were in ninja training together. The main character (a white guy who wore a white ninja outfit) broke up a strong-arm operation like in Roadhouse until his confrontation with Sho Kosugi at the end where they met in that arena that had the glass doors.

There was a third one that went basically nowhere. It was called Ninja III: The domination (as Revenge of the Ninja and Enter the Ninja were considered parts I and II respectively). Ninja III was about a woman who was possessed by a ninja and doing basic ninja nastiness. Sho Kosugi rescued her. It wasn't a great movie (especially compared to the previous two) but it was a solid chop-sockey movie by itself.

I'll still take Revenge of the Ninja over any other martial arts movie ever.

El Cliff said...

Possessed...by a ninja? Yeah, I'll avoid that like a plague...except perhaps for a cheezy movie night.

And of course I don't question your ninja-movie knowledge...I simply got my movies mixed up.

One could question the ninja skills of a ninja who 'stumbles' on to a smuggling ring. Seems a bit fishy to me...

Sean Woods said...

C-note: A true ninja is able to FOOL others into thinking he stumbled onto something. This makes his enemy complacent...and vulnerable.

American Ninja is possibly my favourite, if only b/c Joe (The American Ninja) manages to block several arrows with only the handle of a shovel.

vyfczaw, mofos!

El Cliff said...

I also enjoy American Ninja for it's amusing kitsch value. Come on...who doesn't love a training academy of colour-coded future warriors? And I seem to be recalled that he followed a villain through a series of test exercises...that he easily could have gone AROUND. you know, surprise the guy and all.

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