17 July 2007

It's one of those days. I feel like a bad Mommy and anyone who had been in my house today would agree.

Nick's bored. Lily won't sleep despite hours of trying to convince her to. The house is a mess. It's very very hot. I need to pack for Vancouver. I'm on phones today. I oopsed on an Usborne order and I need to sort it out. I'm drowning.

I've been a total jerk to the kids and I know it. I hate it.

They're gone to the mall with Grandma right now, thank goodness. Maybe her niceness will make up for my grumpiness.

02 July 2007

Have you ever had one of those months where you wonder where the days have gone? Yeah, I'm having that kind of month and it's only July 2.

Looking at my calendar, I've realized just how busy this month is going to be. I've got a few friends I'm booking playdates/coffee/scrapbooking dates with. Throw in a week-long camp for Nick at my old church and there go another five days. I'm also planning to have my garage sale in a couple of weeks, which will require a number of prep days as well as three or four days of sitting by the driveway. LLL will take up another chunk of time with a meeting to plan and lead as well as three phone days. I'm hosting an Usborne books party at my house and I'll be attending my first info evening for consultants next week.

Then there's the out of town stuff. My parents are hoping to take Nick camping for a few nights (this thankfully overlaps with my LLL meeting as well as my Usborne party!). We're also fleshing out our plans to visit with family in Vancouver for a week and a half or so.

As Liam and I looked at the calendar yesterday, I pointed out how nothing is going on next Saturday. He took my calendar pen and wrote "NOTHING" on that square and told me in a very firm tone that he's serious. I've been told.

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