31 March 2006

It's official. I've become trendy.

No, not in the way that everyone will want to become me, but more in the way that I've followed the cell phone trend and have purchased a Motorola Razr. And it's pink. PINK!!!

The best (or worst) part is that it matches my new pink diaper bag. The diaper bag, by the way, is satin brocade fabric with a cherry blossom design. It's all so pink.

I'm overwhelmed by an urge to buy pink nailpolish and fluffy earmuffs. Someone hold me.

26 March 2006

A couple of weeks ago, I looked into the living room to see Liam bouncing Lily up and down and repeating over and over again in a girly-esque voice "I'm a pretty princess! I'm a pretty princess!!". My manly man is no more.

This morning while brushing my teeth, I overheard Liam saying to Nicholas "Even Spiderman does it that way.". I believe they were discussing Nick's web-shooter.

Princesses and superheroes apparantly make for good role models.

25 March 2006

So there are very few things quite as entertaining as watching a baby trying repeatedly to catch an avocado pit as it rolls away. It's level of funny had absolutely nothing to do with my incredible lack of sleep lately. Nope. Just because I giggled so hard when the cereal attacked me that Liam asked if I was high isn't a sign of anything. Nope nope.

I need some freaking sleep.

16 March 2006

Lillian is very much like her Dad. We've joked that the name Lillian actually sounds a lot like L'il Liam, which isn't too far from the truth. Here is further proof that Lillian is just a smaller, cuter, more girly version of Pappa John.

1. The scalp-to-hair ratio. In Lily's defense, though, she's gaining ground rapidly.

2. She's happy just hanging out and can amuse herself for extended periods of time with a plastic cup. (For Liam, think coffee mug.)

3. She speaks in grunts and nonsense chatter.

4. She's got that cute pudgy belly.

5. Her life revolves around my boobs.

6. She loves my hair more than I do.

7. She can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

8. She gets very cranky when she lacks food or sleep.

9. She really likes books (more in the way of trying to chew on them when I'm feeding her, but close enough).

10. Watching her trying to roll over is a source of great amusement.
So does everyone remember my beautiful new bedspread I purchased only a couple of months ago? The one that I was so excited about because it meant that I didn't have to use the ratty Walmart one any longer?

Yeah. It's in the wash. Jack PEED on it!!

He jumped into the bed and when I told him to get down (he almost landed on the Lilybird) he went to the foot of the bed and lifted his leg. And peed. A lot.

I'm so completely unimpressed right now. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out of the wash in one piece. I put it on delicate just in case.

15 March 2006

Since Helen has been demanding a foot update (such a demanding woman that Helen!) here is my official foot update.

My foot is much better than it was but it's still frustratingly far from normal. The last of the bruising around my toes is finally fading but the swelling below my ankle bone seems to be sticking around.

My range of motion is pretty good except for pointing my toes down and in. I still gimp down the stairs a bit and I've discovered, quite painfully, that I can't go up on my tiptoes yet. Oh, and wiggling on my shoes is bad. Bad bad bad.

The biggest frustration for me right now is how little I can walk. A shopping trip makes me ache since I'm using my muscles wrong and I haven't gone for a decent walk outside in three weeks. Ugh.

Anyhow, hopefully Liam's right and I'll be pain-free in a couple of weeks. Since my plan of running in March has been squashed, I'm now hoping to get on the running bandwagon around the start of April.

13 March 2006

I fell asleep with the kids last night around 9:30 and my house was a disaster. I woke up at 7 this morning to find that my entire downstairs was spotless and there was a fresh pot of coffee made.

Either the cleaning and coffee fairies were here or I truly do have the best husband in the world.

11 March 2006

Anyone who knows me well knows I don't do mornings. Well, because I was especially tired yesterday, Lily stayed up til 11:45 last night and the cat woke Nicholas up at 5:45 this morning.

In an attempt to cheer the heck up, I'm sharing these ultra-cute photos, courtesy of Cute Overlaod. I'll actually add them to my blog links someday.


08 March 2006

A little while ago, I made my morning coffee as usual. Usual, by the way, is filling the water line to just above 4 cups and adding 3 Tablespoons of grounds to the basket in case anyone is interested.

Anyhow, I came upstairs to get dressed then remembered that my pants were down in the dryer. Following Kim logic, I decided to sit at the computer for a bit since I was upstairs anyhow.

By the time I went back down 10 minutes or so later, I smelled my coffee and thought "Hot diggity, I can start my first cup while I'm getting dressed!!" and proceeded to enter the kitchen to fulfill my fantasy.

Instead of a beautiful dark-brown lake of coffee steaming away in the pot, I found coffee-ground soup. Euch!! I forgot to push the pot in all the way and the sometimes-faulty Pour-a-cup feature had kept most of the coffee up in the basket.

I dumped the entire thing into the sink and phoned Liam, repeating over and over again "My coffee, my coffee!!!". He understood.

My coffee maker has now had a bath and a new pot is (hopefully) successfully brewing. I don't know how much more trauma I can handle this morning.

04 March 2006

Well, that'll wake me up quicker than any cup of coffee.

This morning, Liam got up with Fingers around 7 and headed downstairs. A few minutes later, Nicholas woke up and came stumbling into our room. I mumbled "Your Dad is downstairs" and promptly fell back asleep.

Eight o'clock rolls by and Nicholas was back again saying "You need to wake up or you'll miss Tae Kwon Do". Ugh. When I asked where Liam was, Nick said he was asleep on the couch. Cursing the few hours of sleep I'd snuck in, I got up and stumbled to the bathroom.

I pushed the bathroom door open and walked in, noticing that the air seemed kind of warm. I wondered if Liam had turned the heat up as I turned to close the door. Then, all of a sudden, I noticed that there was A NAKED MAN SITTING IN MY BATHTUB!!!

I think it took my brain about five full seconds to realize that it was Liam, by which point I had gasped, stepped back, and almost fallen over.

Now I've made everyone picture Liam naked in the tub and that makes me laugh.

So yeah. Good morning world. Once my heart stops beating at 200 bpm I'll go make some coffee.

01 March 2006

So, to celebrate the ending of February and the entrance of a bright new month, here's a happier entry.

My husband rocks. Yesterday, not only did he go grocery shopping after work but he came home and washed the dishes. All of them. While he washed said dishes, I was not allowed to do anything. When I tried to clean up the living room, I was physically forced to sit down and I had a book shoved into my hands. Yay for reading.

Lily has finally figured out the rolling thing. After that inital roll a few weeks back, she'd kind of forgotten the fluke that flipped her over. Yesterday she seemed to remember what it was all about, though, and was flipping over repeatedly. It's real cute-like, but not during diaper changes. She's also doing the "I've rolled onto my belly and now I'm tired of it but I don't know how to get out" thing as well. Screeching baby is always fun.

On the topic of Lily, she has a new cutest part. As all parents know, the nighttime diaper is very soggy and heavy first thing in the mornings. Lily's morning diapers are heavy enough that they pull down and she shows a bit of butt crack. Hairy man butt crack is nasty, but teenie tiny baby butt crack is so so cute!!

And now on to Nicholas. Last night, he was getting changed into his pj's in my room. It just so happened that Michael Buble's "Feelin good" was on the radio. During the realy swanky part with all the "Bwa wa waa"s, Nick pulled his shirt off and was swinging it around over his head. It was purely unintentional on his part, but really freaking funny. My son, stripper extrordinaire.

Oh, and now something about me. After having abandoned my Leader Applicant work for so long (I think I went a month without touching it), I finally wrote yesterday! I finished one section which translated into two typed pages. Now I just need to proof-read and send it in. Yee-haw!

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