15 March 2006

Since Helen has been demanding a foot update (such a demanding woman that Helen!) here is my official foot update.

My foot is much better than it was but it's still frustratingly far from normal. The last of the bruising around my toes is finally fading but the swelling below my ankle bone seems to be sticking around.

My range of motion is pretty good except for pointing my toes down and in. I still gimp down the stairs a bit and I've discovered, quite painfully, that I can't go up on my tiptoes yet. Oh, and wiggling on my shoes is bad. Bad bad bad.

The biggest frustration for me right now is how little I can walk. A shopping trip makes me ache since I'm using my muscles wrong and I haven't gone for a decent walk outside in three weeks. Ugh.

Anyhow, hopefully Liam's right and I'll be pain-free in a couple of weeks. Since my plan of running in March has been squashed, I'm now hoping to get on the running bandwagon around the start of April.


Baron Von Cliff said...

In the meantime, just ride on the actual bandwagon, and let the other runners pull you around.

Sean Woods said...

I blame Cliff.

He's responsible for all Johnstone-related foot/ankle injuries.

Shiny Beamer said...


I really hope you are totally well soon.

Shiny Beamer said...

in fact, I DEMAND IT !!! :)

BE WELL!!!!!!!

domesticvixen said...

A-hem. I will be looking for a walking mate come mid-April... dog parks, river valley kind of stuff... largely stroller friendly...

Baron Von Cliff said...

Sean, I was only an innocent observer. It was the LAWN that damaged Liam.

Liam J. said...

Yeah, but when you tried to fix it by kicking it repeatedly, I think that just made it worse, Cliff.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Oh. Sorry. I thought that cracking sound was it popping back in to place. Crappy.

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