16 September 2005

This one is for Sean. I do believe that this is the only picture we have of Liam holding Lillian. It's either because he's the one who takes all the pictures or because she's constantly attached to my boob.

We seem to be making some progress in the eating/sleeping cycles. Lillian is actually sleeping for up to four hours at a time and eating all in one go before dozing off again. All I need now is for her to start scheduling some of those four-hour sleeping chunks during the night.

Liam had his best diaper-changing experience yesterday. He got to change a dirty diaper and jinxed himself by saying "This is going to be the easiest one yet" since there was hardly anything in it. No sooner had the words left his lips than Lillian let loose all over the change pad. Then, to top it off, she peed as well. That's my girl.


domesticvixen said...

Was it that tarry stuff that doesn't want to wash off, or did he get away easy and get the odourless, yellowy, curdy stuff?
And girls can spray, too!

Sean Woods said...

I don't know what disgusts me more - a dirty diaper or seeing that Liam is wearing shoes...WITHOUT SOCKS!


Liam J. said...

I was wearing shoes without socks because I had to run out of the shower and put on my shoes really quick or I would have missed being there when my baby was born.

So there.

And the diaper wasn't as funny as Kim changing Lillian last night.

"Kim, she's peeing."

"Oh. OH!"

KimProbable said...

It was the yellow curdy stuff. She's pumping that stuff out like there's no tomorrow.

And the reason I didn't notice that she was peeing was because I was cleaning up the poop in the celan diaper I had just put on her. I'm not incompetent. Really.

Sean Woods said...

Wait...you stopped to shower before you went to the hospital?

"Liam, the baby's coming!"

"Ok Kim, just let me hop in the shower and we can go!"

= )

KimProbable said...

I actually spent 30 of the last 45 minutes of labor in the shower and Liam joined me. He wore swimming trunks in case anyone was wondering. No naked men in the delivery room.

domesticvixen said...

I wouldn't have minded naked men in the delivery room. Cute, well maintained men.

That would have made labour at least a bit more entertaining.

Liam J. said...

Well-maintained men?

"Is he well-maintained?"

"He just had his tires changed, and he's all shined-up-like."

"I'll take him!"

My word verification: cfmmmma

What does it mean? I don't know, but I'm frightened.

come for mama mama mama mama again?

Dylan said...

Liam looks damn skippy in that picture. DAMN skippy!

Sean Woods said...

As skippy as one can look while not wearing socks, I suppose.

Magic word: "Vkacq." Latin in origin, rough translation = "He who does not wear socks with shoes."

Dylan said...

Bally lithos, baby!

jletwhb - I win again, spam filter!

Sean Woods said...

"Bally lithos?"

Oh man...was that "he who throws stones," or something like that?

You're awesome for remembering that gem.

Kitclvnv, everbody!

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