14 September 2005

Liam got the pictures onto the computer today! So...here are some Lillian pics for all to enjoy.

The new happy family.

Mom and baby a few minutes after birth.

Momma and baby a few hours after birth.

A sideways sleepyhead shot.

The classic scale photo. She does have two arms in real life, though.

Kinda fuzzy, but oh-so-cute.

And on that note, Miss Screechy-Pants demands her dairy bar.


Sean Woods said...

I notice that Liam isn't holding the baby in any of these photos. Are such things forbidden, due to Liam's well known lack of soft hands?

= )

Let's hear it for baby!

The Girls said...

We Love Lilly!

KimProbable said...

There is one where he's holding her, but there are so many blankets that you can only see a little bit of her head. I'll post it next time so there's proof that Liam has touched said baby.

domesticvixen said...

Back, damned kids, back!

I have just finally been able to take back the computer. I think the images of Lillian have been burned into my screen...
I don't think they're excited. Not at all.

KimProbable said...

Krista: They'll get to see her live again soon...I promise. I think we're getting our days and nights sorted out enough that we'll be able to start making plans with people again.

Liam J. said...

Plans... yeah, right.

domesticvixen said...

Hold off for a day or so. We're getting over some sniffles...
Could just be allergies, but don't want to take any chances.

Morrigan said...

Congratulations Kim (and Liam)! I hope sometime in the next month you will be up for non-family, non-close friends visits. I am longing to see the new babe.

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