27 June 2005

Here are some words of advice to the world.

To my idiot neighbors: It's probably really not a good idea to have drunken idiots pissing on your front lawn at 11:45 on a Sunday night in the middle of an extremely loud party. It's makes for angry neighbors. When one of those grumpy neighbors happens to be a hormonal pregnant woman who feels like she's going on her second straight week of extreme PMS, you risk having heavy appliances thrown at your soft skulls. Screw you for waking me up.

To my kid: When I say that 6 am is too early to get up, you're better off just going back to sleep. Wiggling your toes on my bare ass isn't likely to wake me up happy. There's a reason why I'm now grumping around the house. Right now it involves above-mentioned idiot neighbors and your early-morning ass-poking. And it's only 8:29 am. It's got to go up from here. Right?

To my unborn child: I realize that I said I'd never again complain about you kicking because of the scare last week, but give my bladder and other internal organs a break. Seriously.

To my husband: Be glad you're a 20-minute drive away from me this morning. You may want to buy a pillow and some supper over your lunch break.

On that note, I need some coffee and the woods (the leafy type, not the Etsell).

21 June 2005

I had an adventure this morning. I freaked myself out because I'd hardly felt the baby move yesterday afternoon/evening and then again all this morning. Long story short, I went to the hospital to have baby checked on and all is well. Liam goes into more elaborate detail here: http://www.liamj.blogspot.com/ .

This afternoon I came home will good intentions. I was going to do the cleaning I was supposed to have done this morning and I was going to go run some errands. Instead, I ended up being too tired out from all the stressing I'd done and I took it easy. I did some painting. I did some writing.

I even went over to visit with a neighbor and showed her our wedding pictures while drinking a slushie her daughter went and picked up for me. I'm totally spoiled. The neighbor is an Avon lady so she gave me one of the new books. I'm thinking that shopping would be just the therapy I need to fully recover from my day. A little bit of lip gloss goes a long long way.

20 June 2005

Hmm...a blog, hey? Yet another place to virtually record all the happenings of my life.

I unfortunately don't have anything too terribly thought-provoking or insightful to put into this entry. Liam would be so ashamed of me.

Yay first entry. I'll be back when I have deeper thoughts to record.

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