21 August 2007

My poor neglected blog. *sigh* You'd almost think it was summer vacation or something.

So, today is our third wedding anniversary. Yup, the years are just rolling on by. It seemed like the day would be a fairly plain Jane kind of event but I was pleasantly surprised.

The kids and I spent a quiet morning at home getting some cleaning done and I lamented the fact that I hadn't worked on Liam's anniversary gift (a small scrapbook of our relationship) or even written a card for that matter. At lunchtime I took the kids out to my parents' house and once the Lil was asleep I made a hasty retreat to South Edmonton common.

The real fun began when I got to spend $50 at Old Navy and $25 at Reitman's without spending a dime. The Old Navy gift cards were from an award Liam had won at work and the other ones were a Christmas gift from the in-laws. It pays to forget about your gifts for 8 months because it's like Christmas all over again!

I left the stores with a pair of jeans, three tank tops, a button-up blouse, and a knit shirt. Not a bad haul for $75, thanks to the discount racks!

After shopping I hit Spasation where I used yet another gift card (thanks again Bob and Peggy!) to get my hair cut. I got chewed out a bit by the hairdresser for going so long between trims and she took a fair bit off the ends since they were so wrecked. My hair feels very short now that it's not to my waist! It looks nice though so I won't complain too much.

My next stop was to pick Liam up from work. We headed home to get ready for dinner and I got to show him all my new clothing. I got all dressed up and we headed out for dinner.

Dinner. Yum! Yet *another* gift card (from my parents this time) purchased us two buffet dinners at Taste of India, our new favourite restaurant. (We've considered calling it "our" restaurant but the past two joints which have been dubbed such have ceased to exist so we're hoping not to jinx this one.) Between the melt-in-your-mouth butter chicken and the divine sweets we were thoroughly sated.

To top off all these pleasant dining and retail experiences, we've had some fantastic news today.

First off, my parents' anniversary gift is to forgive the $20 000 loan we took out from them in order to buy our house. Yup. Liam almost fell over when we found out. This frees us up from the monthly payments we'd been making and takes an enormous amount of stress off of us. Let's hear it for early inheritance!!

Next, I found out that I will indeed be working at an Usborne table on Friday at a literacy-type fair. And to make the deal even sweeter two friends are also going to have a table set up to promote their business. So now not only do I get to earn some extra bucks and get some leads for future shows, I get to hang out with friends for the afternoon!

All in all today has been a fantastic sort of day. It's certainly nowhere near the very joyous day of thee years ago, but it's a smaller echo of the day-long happiness. It's days like these that remind me of how fun and uplifting life can be.

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