25 December 2005

Now that Liam has updated his blog I can talk about Fingers, our new kitten.

But I'm not. I'm going to talk about the news my brother dropped on us last night at the end of Christmas Eve gift-opening night at the MacPherson house. He and Mina are pregnant!!

They're due at the beginning of August, so she's about 8 weeks along right now. I'm gonna be an Auntie!! (I realize I'm already Auntie to Preston, but Auntie by marriage is different that Auntie by blood.)

I'm so excited! Now we just have to convince them to move back to Alberta so I can see this kid more than once every few years.

Congrats Trevor and Mina, and Merry Christmas to everyone!

22 December 2005

If you're the praying type, please keep Tanya in your thoughts.

We grew up in the same subdivision and she's only a few years older than me. She was just married this fall and baby was due in a few months. It was recently discovered that she has uterine cancer, the tumor being as big as baby. A c-section and total hysterectomy was done, so now they're dealing with her illness and a premature baby during their first months of marriage.

I'm praying things will turn out well for them. I can't even begin to imagine.
I've got a secret that's Liam's to tell but he hasn't updated his blog yet!!

I'll give a hint though...our family is growing.

21 December 2005

So just before lunch I decided to treat myself to a glass of egg nog. I'd actually bought it for Liam, but it's been two days and he hasn't even opened it yet!

Anyhow, I poured myself a glass then poured my coffee. Inspiration hit and I decided to combine the two. (Yes, I realize that most of you have probably tried this before but I'm new to this) Oh. My. Goodness.

In other news, Liam is at a management training seminar today. I feel so alone because I can't phone him! Normally I call him up a few times about random things, so this seems so strange.

At least tomorrow is his first day of vacation and I'll have him around the house. Until Tim steals him away tomorrow night anyhow...

20 December 2005

I've been having some issues with these pictures so I'm trying uploading them from photobucket. Here goes nothing...

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19 December 2005

Nicholas has turned into one of those kids.

Lately, he's enjoyed dressing in black pants and black shirts, even black socks and underwear if they're available. He then calls himself a ninja. The outfit is really complete when he gets to wear his "toe socks", a pair of stretchy baby socks that are too big for Lilly but just big enough to go over Nick's toes.

Today he wants to be a ninja at school, so he's wearing a pair of black jeans and a black zip-up shirt. I figured that since they're normally school clothes he won't look too odd, even though I normally don't send him in head-to-toe black.

I had a talk with him about how even though he's a ninja he still has to behave properly. I found the phrase "Even ninjas listen to Madame's rules" popping out of my mouth. I'm starting to wonder about this family...

(Oh, and baptism pictures and updates will follow when I've got more than five minutes to myself. It should be about a week from tomorrow with the way things are going around here.)

16 December 2005

This is just way too fun.

Scary scary Santa
I'm drinking a rye and Coke. Well, it's actually Pepsi, but who cares?

It's been a year tonight since I've had a drink. It'll be a year tomorrow since Lillian was conceived. Coincidence? Hmm...
So Lillian, that dear and oh-so-cute baby of mine, woke up last night just before I was going to bed. Then, once I brought her up to bed she had a dirty diaper. After I changed her and finally got her to sleep it was about 12:30.

At 2:30, Nicholas appeared in our bed because he was scared of the ghosts in his room. Somehow my half-asleep brain thought that it would be a good idea for him to stay with us. Half an hour and fifteen elbow jabs later, I brought him back to his bed.

At 5:30, Lillian woke up again to eat and had yet another dirty diaper. Downstairs I went again.

I need some sleep. Not just one night of good sleep either, but actual good sleep on a consistent basis. I think my brain is starting to cave in.

Coffee time for me.

15 December 2005

There's really no point to this entry other than to keep Krista quiet. It's now past Monday, so here's a new entry for you.

I also added some links. If there's anyone who's unfamiliar with PostSecret it's a must. Very interesting and very creepy at times. There's an explanation somewhere on the page.

Umm...what else...my kid is chewing away at her fingers. It's almost like it's been more than five minutes since she's eaten.

Other news, other news. Um. I built a gingerbread house with my parents and Nicholas tonight. It was funny and stressful all at the same time. Lillian got icing on her nose and threw a gumball across the table. Rowdy child.

12 December 2005

Anyone who knows me well knows I don't do mornings. At least not very well anyhow. I've technically been awake since 5:30 this morning even though I stayed in bed with my eyes squeezed shut til 8. Ugh. My kids are doing the tag-team routine to keep me awake in the early morning hours.

Nicholas for some reason felt the need to prove twice over this morning that he's Liam's kid. Maybe it's the name change, who knows. He woke up at 6 and layed on the floor outside the bathroom door while Liam took a bath. Weirdo. (For anyone not familiar with Liam lore, this is what he used to do when he was a kid) Then later on (once his lazy mother dragged her butt out of bed) he leaped off the couch yelling "Da-da-da-DA-da-da! I love this song!" when a Michael Buble song came on the radio. Uh...ok. It's a good song, but mellow out a bit kid.

In other news, my house is a disaster. Does someone want to come clean it for me?

I think I may make coffee this morning instead of this afternoon. If only I had some Bailey's to add to it...

10 December 2005

In case you live in the Edmonton area and haven't come across it yet, check out Magic 99 (99.3 FM). They do the jazz/blues/pop thing.

Some of it sounds a little too close to elevator music for my taste, but they play Louis, Ella, Ray Charles, Sarah McLachlan, and Micheal Buble. There are others, of course, but these are the most important ones in my eyes...or ears I guess.

All in all, it makes me happy and isn't that what really counts?

09 December 2005

I received a letter this morning from Alberta Registries. Nicholas' name change (which we finally got around to submitting last month) has officially come through.

His full name is now Nicholas Robert MacPherson Johnstone. We bumped MacPherson into a middle name since it's been a part of his name for so long, and also because I still yell it when he's in trouble.

The poor kid. He's one of us now. I don't know if we should throw him a party or offer him my condolences.

05 December 2005

I'm seriously annoyed with our school's bus system.

Nicholas takes the mini bus to school at noon and it picks him up on the street right in front of our complex. It works out beautifully.

On Friday, I inquired into the bus route he'd take if he were to return home by bus as well. I've been walking to the school each afternoon, but it's now way too cold to take Lillian out for that long. After filling in a form which was faxed in to the transportation people, I got a call this morning telling me that his bus stop is two blocks south of our house. The school is two blocks east of our house, so how exactly will this do me any good?

But wait! They'll add a mysterious new stop for him after Christmas break. The only problem is that they can't even tell me where it will be. Hhmm...

Warming up and scraping off the car with Lillian in tow is a pain in the rear, but it may just be easier than dealing with this.

01 December 2005

1. Feed me now. I'm starving.
2. Feed me now. I'm not really hungry, but I could be at any given moment.
3. Give me back that boob. I wasn't done yet.
4. My diaper is nasty. Get it off now!
5. I woke up alone. Somebody tell me they still love me!
6. I'm almost awake. Feed me before I wake up and get really angry.
7. I'm bored. Somebody make some faces for me or jiggle me or something.
8. Not that face.
9. Jiggle faster/slower/bouncier/more softly.
10. I'm grumpy. You shall suffer along with me.
11. Treat me like the princess we all know I am.
12. Get that kid off of me.
13. I can't handle all the pressure of being a good baby. Bah!!
14. I'm tired and can't be bothered to fall asleep.
I want a sick day. Who do I call?

I need a substitute Mommy, someone who can feed and dress the kids as well as change some diapers and pick up toys. If she could lactate as well that would be a huge bonus.

I want to spend the day in bed with a thick blanket, a good book, and a hot toddy.

Seriously, people, I need a phone number.

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