25 December 2005

Now that Liam has updated his blog I can talk about Fingers, our new kitten.

But I'm not. I'm going to talk about the news my brother dropped on us last night at the end of Christmas Eve gift-opening night at the MacPherson house. He and Mina are pregnant!!

They're due at the beginning of August, so she's about 8 weeks along right now. I'm gonna be an Auntie!! (I realize I'm already Auntie to Preston, but Auntie by marriage is different that Auntie by blood.)

I'm so excited! Now we just have to convince them to move back to Alberta so I can see this kid more than once every few years.

Congrats Trevor and Mina, and Merry Christmas to everyone!


Sean Woods said...

Can Fingers do backflips?

That would rule.

domesticvixen said...

Ooooo! Babies!

Baron Von Cliff said...

I dunno...with a name like that, he needs to learn trick shots in pool...or how to play poker.

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