21 December 2005

So just before lunch I decided to treat myself to a glass of egg nog. I'd actually bought it for Liam, but it's been two days and he hasn't even opened it yet!

Anyhow, I poured myself a glass then poured my coffee. Inspiration hit and I decided to combine the two. (Yes, I realize that most of you have probably tried this before but I'm new to this) Oh. My. Goodness.

In other news, Liam is at a management training seminar today. I feel so alone because I can't phone him! Normally I call him up a few times about random things, so this seems so strange.

At least tomorrow is his first day of vacation and I'll have him around the house. Until Tim steals him away tomorrow night anyhow...


Baron Von Cliff said...

Since when does Liam need training on how to be lazy?

KimProbable said...

Since work pays for it and it gets him out of the office for a day I guess.

Guy who drove to Calgary so Liam could (not) pick up Cliff said...

Cliff just teased Liam about being lazy. It's a topsy-turvy world.

Sean Woods said...

Without Liam at work, I have no one to email my ramblings to!


Baron Von Cliff said...

Send 'em to the boss. I'm sure he'd be impressed by your nonsensical, babbly use of work time.

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