01 December 2005

1. Feed me now. I'm starving.
2. Feed me now. I'm not really hungry, but I could be at any given moment.
3. Give me back that boob. I wasn't done yet.
4. My diaper is nasty. Get it off now!
5. I woke up alone. Somebody tell me they still love me!
6. I'm almost awake. Feed me before I wake up and get really angry.
7. I'm bored. Somebody make some faces for me or jiggle me or something.
8. Not that face.
9. Jiggle faster/slower/bouncier/more softly.
10. I'm grumpy. You shall suffer along with me.
11. Treat me like the princess we all know I am.
12. Get that kid off of me.
13. I can't handle all the pressure of being a good baby. Bah!!
14. I'm tired and can't be bothered to fall asleep.


domesticvixen said...

I am so glad Rob is snipped.

Sean Woods said...

Did you just describe Liam?

= )

Liam J. said...

15. I will be jiggled so: four inches up, four inches down, repeat ad infinitum.
That was NOT four inches! Get some form of graduated stick, because this manner of jigglery is unacceptable!

16. The seven-mile-upper-lip squawk (this is, by far, my favourite -- who knew how much my daughter could look like Scooby-Doo?)

17. The if-you'd-just-left-me-on-the-floor-everything-would-be-perfect pout.

eqyfov: every quiet years for our voices

KimProbable said...

Sean: That makes #3 funny and #11 creepy. Heh.

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