19 December 2005

Nicholas has turned into one of those kids.

Lately, he's enjoyed dressing in black pants and black shirts, even black socks and underwear if they're available. He then calls himself a ninja. The outfit is really complete when he gets to wear his "toe socks", a pair of stretchy baby socks that are too big for Lilly but just big enough to go over Nick's toes.

Today he wants to be a ninja at school, so he's wearing a pair of black jeans and a black zip-up shirt. I figured that since they're normally school clothes he won't look too odd, even though I normally don't send him in head-to-toe black.

I had a talk with him about how even though he's a ninja he still has to behave properly. I found the phrase "Even ninjas listen to Madame's rules" popping out of my mouth. I'm starting to wonder about this family...

(Oh, and baptism pictures and updates will follow when I've got more than five minutes to myself. It should be about a week from tomorrow with the way things are going around here.)


Baron Von Cliff said...

Way to go, Nick.

Is it too late to find some quality weapons for him for Christmas?

Dylan said...

ninjas are awesome. Every boy, at some point in his life (usually from about ages four to 90) wants to be a ninja.

So cool. My mom never let me dress like a ninja at school.

And piss on Madame's rules!! he's a ninja, for chrissakes.

Liam J. said...

My wife is the cool mom.
And Cliff: Shuriken always fit in a stocking, no matter how much booty there already is.

Lethbridge said...

Can you do it?

Baron Von Cliff said...

Wow...the city of Lethbridge itself apparently is stalking you, Liam. You might need the shuriken.

Lethbridge said...

Bah! Liam's lack of skill at the coaster toss (and his tendency to take one in the eye) does not frighten Lethbridge. We are legion!

Sean Woods said...

I'll never forget the shell-shocked look on Liam's face as coasters flew at him...seemingly from everywhere!

It was that split second of hesitation that led to the eye injury.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Do you think he was still carrying the shame from the time he overreacted to an empty pop box coming at his head? Perhaps he was too worried about being shamed again.

Or maybe he possesses the reflexes of a sloth.

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