22 September 2005

It's Thursday and we're all finally home again. Lillian was released from the hospital at 10 am today and we almost ran out of the hospital in case they decided to keep us in longer. My Mom dropped Nicholas off a few hours later, and for the first time in 6 days we are a family under the same roof.

Lillian has been seizure-free since Sunday so the medication seems to be working. She'll be on it for a month and hopefully it'll be smooth sailing the whole way through. I still get frightened that she'll have another seizure at any moment, but the panic of the weekend is subsiding. Since the seizures could potentially return later in life I don't think it's a fear I'll ever totally be rid of.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the past few days. The phone calls, e-mails, and prayers have been very much appreciated. Knowing how many people were thinking of us has made this trial much easier to get through.


domesticvixen said...


Now that creepy ol' Johnstone place upstairs won't be so empty or creepy anymore.

Sean Woods said...


It will still be creepy.


(ancient Polish battle cry)

Morrigan said...

I am so glad. I've been hearing second hand updates from domesticvixen but it is nice to hear first-hand that everything is going well.

Sean Woods said...

The real question is...has Liam been wearing socks?

KimProbable said...

For the most part, yes. He's even been washing them on his own since his lazy wife has been doing nothing but sitting around with that new baby.

Sean Woods said...

Liam doing laundry?

This is off the hizzle.

imzurby - possibly the coolest magic word yet.

KimProbable said...

If it makes it any better, he did somehow manage to mess up the dryer. Half the breakers in the fuse box flipped and I had no heat in my dryer. He claims not to know how it happened. Uh huh...

domesticvixen said...

If you need to borrow a dryer, mine's free far too often.

Dylan said...

Goddamn Swiss pole smoker.

mlrqvwhj - Almost tripped up on the "vw" combo.

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