11 March 2006

Anyone who knows me well knows I don't do mornings. Well, because I was especially tired yesterday, Lily stayed up til 11:45 last night and the cat woke Nicholas up at 5:45 this morning.

In an attempt to cheer the heck up, I'm sharing these ultra-cute photos, courtesy of Cute Overlaod. I'll actually add them to my blog links someday.



Shiny Beamer said...

awwwww! SOOOO cute - I love cute pics. The one of the little puppy with the cast is so sad.

Hope you're able to get some rest today. :)

Shiny Beamer said...


Sean Woods said...

Those pictures are awesome.

Er, wait. I mean BARF! Those pictures are disgusting.


KimProbable said...

It's ok, Sean. We all know that behind that ultra-cool picture you're nothing but a big softie. It's time to admit it and embrace the mooshie side of Sean.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Coincidentally, underneath his shirt, he's also a big softie.


Those pictures are cute, though.

Shiny Beamer said...

still need a foot update! Come on!

Liam J. said...

I'll give you a foot update, since she hasn't gotten back to you. Her foot still hurts but the bruising is running its course and the swelling has come down quite significantly. She seems to have regained quite a bit of range of motion, though it hurts way more at the end of the range than it did when she was more limited. I'd say it'll still be two weeks before she's walking without pain, but not being in her shoes (ahem), I can't really comment on that.

She still walks to pick up Nicholas quite often and was pushing the bed and dressers around the room, I don't know, as part of her rehab, I guess... Kim could comment on this better than I could.

The bedroom looks fantastic and is a lot more sensible in use of space now, though, and it's appreciated.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Normally, I would make some sort of sarcastic comment along the lines of "Oh, 2 weeks eh? Is that your prognosis, Dr. Liam?" But, in your case, considering your lengthy history of injuries, you probably do know.

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