26 March 2006

A couple of weeks ago, I looked into the living room to see Liam bouncing Lily up and down and repeating over and over again in a girly-esque voice "I'm a pretty princess! I'm a pretty princess!!". My manly man is no more.

This morning while brushing my teeth, I overheard Liam saying to Nicholas "Even Spiderman does it that way.". I believe they were discussing Nick's web-shooter.

Princesses and superheroes apparantly make for good role models.


Morrigan said...

Ah. Liam. Interesting. I have been known to sing the old Spiderman cartoon theme song. Does that make me as odd as him?

Baron Von Cliff said...

Are you kidding? that just makes you extremely normal.

Personally, I think Liam was helping Nick brush his teeth the Spidey way. That being the method that does NOT result in a mouthful of web.

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