16 March 2006

Lillian is very much like her Dad. We've joked that the name Lillian actually sounds a lot like L'il Liam, which isn't too far from the truth. Here is further proof that Lillian is just a smaller, cuter, more girly version of Pappa John.

1. The scalp-to-hair ratio. In Lily's defense, though, she's gaining ground rapidly.

2. She's happy just hanging out and can amuse herself for extended periods of time with a plastic cup. (For Liam, think coffee mug.)

3. She speaks in grunts and nonsense chatter.

4. She's got that cute pudgy belly.

5. Her life revolves around my boobs.

6. She loves my hair more than I do.

7. She can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

8. She gets very cranky when she lacks food or sleep.

9. She really likes books (more in the way of trying to chew on them when I'm feeding her, but close enough).

10. Watching her trying to roll over is a source of great amusement.


Morrigan said...

I like that Liam rolling over is amusing. May I request to see it the next time I run into him?

Baron Von Cliff said...

That was hilarious. I'm also amused by the image of Liam being unable to roll over, like some sort of Land Manatee or something.

domesticvixen said...

Poor Liam!

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