25 March 2006

So there are very few things quite as entertaining as watching a baby trying repeatedly to catch an avocado pit as it rolls away. It's level of funny had absolutely nothing to do with my incredible lack of sleep lately. Nope. Just because I giggled so hard when the cereal attacked me that Liam asked if I was high isn't a sign of anything. Nope nope.

I need some freaking sleep.


Baron Von Cliff said...

The cereal attacked? Which brand? Did you win the fight? I mean, sure, if it was Frosted Flakes, you're pretty much screwed...Tony the Tiger is the king of the cereal mascot mountain. On the other hand, if it was the Corn Flakes rooster...well...that's just sad.

KimProbable said...

It was actually a plastic container with that Oatmeal Crisp stuff in it. They don't really have a mascot for that cereal, but there was that Scottish dude on the commercials. I guess being whacked by a Scottish dude isn't as embarrassing as having my butt kicked by a chicken.

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