01 March 2006

So, to celebrate the ending of February and the entrance of a bright new month, here's a happier entry.

My husband rocks. Yesterday, not only did he go grocery shopping after work but he came home and washed the dishes. All of them. While he washed said dishes, I was not allowed to do anything. When I tried to clean up the living room, I was physically forced to sit down and I had a book shoved into my hands. Yay for reading.

Lily has finally figured out the rolling thing. After that inital roll a few weeks back, she'd kind of forgotten the fluke that flipped her over. Yesterday she seemed to remember what it was all about, though, and was flipping over repeatedly. It's real cute-like, but not during diaper changes. She's also doing the "I've rolled onto my belly and now I'm tired of it but I don't know how to get out" thing as well. Screeching baby is always fun.

On the topic of Lily, she has a new cutest part. As all parents know, the nighttime diaper is very soggy and heavy first thing in the mornings. Lily's morning diapers are heavy enough that they pull down and she shows a bit of butt crack. Hairy man butt crack is nasty, but teenie tiny baby butt crack is so so cute!!

And now on to Nicholas. Last night, he was getting changed into his pj's in my room. It just so happened that Michael Buble's "Feelin good" was on the radio. During the realy swanky part with all the "Bwa wa waa"s, Nick pulled his shirt off and was swinging it around over his head. It was purely unintentional on his part, but really freaking funny. My son, stripper extrordinaire.

Oh, and now something about me. After having abandoned my Leader Applicant work for so long (I think I went a month without touching it), I finally wrote yesterday! I finished one section which translated into two typed pages. Now I just need to proof-read and send it in. Yee-haw!


Baron Von Cliff said...

My niece used to do the same thing during her "Learning to roll" phase, yet my nephew didn't sweat it much. I dunno', maybe it's a baby girl thing.

Liam J. said...

I think it's hilarious. I was washing dishes so I didn't get to see the show but I could tell when she was on her back and on her stomach. It was a "sigh, I'm bored" kinda sound when she was on her back and a "dammit, this sucks" type squawk when she was on her stomach.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Yeah, it's kind of a scream of "what the...who the Hell shifted the world's perspective? Goddammit!"

Sean Woods said...

I request more information regarding your "leader applicant work."



KimProbable said...

The Leader Applicant work is the reading and writing I am doing for my training to become a La Leche League Leader (a breastfeeding support group for moms and dads). It's mostly explaining how my experiences relate to LLL's philosophies and reading some of their resources. It sometimes seems like a lot more work than it really is due to my shortage of time these days.

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