04 August 2010

No two days in the life of parenting are quite the same.

There are the days when things run along all tickety boo and the kids are happy, the meals are easy to prepare, and we do amazing things. These are the days I feel I can do it all: new projects, adventurous outings, huge amounts of housework.

And then, then we have the days like today.

I'm tired. The kitchen is a mess. The baby is a huge, feverish, sobbing disaster. I'm too tired to remember to make coffee until almost lunch time and I can't seem to get the dog fed because I'm too busy cleaning up baby poo.

I get frustrated. And it does no good. I wish everyone would just chill and let me do my work. But still it does no good.

Eventually, even if it takes most of the day, I get to the point where I realize that it's ok if all I do is nurse the baby for hours on end and let the rest of it go. The mess will stay. The dog got fed eventually. My coffee will make its way into the microwave eventually.

And tomorrow? It might be a better day. For now I'm going to hold my sleep-nursing baby and do puzzles with the kids.


Kelly said...

There are always bad days and then you get the good days that make it all seem so worthwhile. You're an awesome mom Kim. By the way you had me worried with the post title for a minute there thinking it like one of those awkward tampon commercials or something.

KimProbable said...

You've totally inspired me to write an entire blog entry dedicated to feminine products. ;)

Today has officially kicked my ass. The deal was sealed when Olivia screamed for over an hour at bedtime despite being tired. (It was all in-arms crying for anyone whose mind is filled with images of us suddenly implementing "Cry it out").

A bit of blog reading, a really strong drink, and TV will be my therapy so that I can be a good mom again tomorrow.

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