22 August 2010

Here is the long-awaited post about the new island! Isle Johnstone? Johnstonia? Whatever you want to call it, this is a piece of furniture that makes my inner domestic goddess sing.

As you can see in the following picture, it is beeeeautiful. And the Learning Tower for the kids fits in right next to it so they never have to miss a moment of foody goodness.

Here's the overview of the kitchen from the hallway. The back side of the island has room for some stools. Olivia's high chair tucks in underneath it nicely so I think that two stools will be enough for now.
And now for a peek inside! One little drawer is still empty. One holds the rolling pin and small measuring cups. The next one has random kitchen gadgets such as Liam's brand new manual egg beater, and the last drawer has things to spoon, scoop and mash with.

The next row down has two large drawers. One drawer has mixing bowls, the large measuring cups, and some Corningware. I'm still working on which pieces will stay in there. The other drawer has dry goods (three kinds of oats, spelt flour, and baking soda for now). I'm not happy with this drawer yet as I really wanted some big bulk bins. The problem is that they need to be low and wide in order to fit in the drawer and the only containers I've seen like that are plastic tubs and I really would like glass instead. Or maybe a metal tin? I'm not sure yet.

The bottom two drawers hold the cat. OK, not normally. But he climbed in behind the drawers once and wouldn't come out. Other than the cat, I've got cookie sheets, cooling racks, and colanders in one drawer and then I'll be transferring over all my glass containers into the other for putting leftovers and the likes into. We're moving away from plastic storage containers in the house and I've got to say that glass containers are so much more satisfying on some level.

Here's us having lunch today! We took the leaf out of the table so it's tiny and pushed against the wall now. It feels like we're eating in a cafe. So fancy! You can kind of see the spider plant I picked up the other day. I'm going to split it between three pots and have plants all over to brighten things up. Nick's palm plant is there too, but it's sad and I think it might die soon. Poor palm!

And so there you have the introduction to our new kitchen layout! I've been spending time drooling over the kitchens on the Ikea website so maybe someday soon I'll get to show the continued kitchen reno's!


Erron said...

Ohh its beeeeoutiful!

El Cliff said...

Very nice!

I will warn you, though...cats eat spider plants. They obsess over the damn things.

Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

Looks Awesome Kim!!!

Dinah said...

Yayy! Kitcheny goodness for the kitchen goddess :)

I would love to have a big island in a kitchen. With a little sink and the same kind of sliding drawers. The reason I can't have one now is that we can't have a smaller table, or there would be no room for us and our friends to eat :o


#Jon - Little Partners said...


Personally, we like "Grand Johnstonia Island"! The new addition looks absolutely beautiful and we are honored that the Learning Tower has a place in your kitchen. Do you mind if we feature your post on our Facebook page for our whole community to see? Best of luck with the new island and be sure to check us out on Twitter (@LearningTower) and Facebook for lots of ideas, conversation and community.

All the best,

#Jon - Little Partners

KimProbable said...

Jon, please feel free! We really do love our Learning Tower and it plays a huge part in our family kitchen time. :)

legion said...

what is that learning tower thing? It looks awesome! I think I want one. Nathan is forever needing to climb upon chairs to see what we're doing and has a habit of ocassionally falling of them, usually on his face. Then he cries.

but that island looks very very cool. I love our island, it's the best part of our kitchen, especially as it allows the cook to face toward the rest of the room and interact with whatever family or friends are on the other side. It also allows family/friends to help with the meal as they position themselves on the other side.

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