09 August 2010

Today was our first day back to normal in our house. We've had a weekend in Saskatoon, a week of sick crabby baby, and then the weekend of Folk Fest all of which have meant that cleaning and cooking have been totally haphazard and at a bare minimum.

We had an awesome food day in our house today, which is always super satisfying. A breakfast of steel cut oats and a lunch of warmed up leftover spaghetti were alright, but supper was totally amazing if I do say so myself (which I do, because I spent the better part of my afternoon getting it made).

The main course of the meal was pizza that we made from scratch. I bought a piece of Pampered Chef stoneware a while back and it came with a really super pizza dough recipe that lends itself really well to spelt flour.

I had my two little helpers who were more than eager to roll the dough out with me. I'm not too sure why there were little finger-shaped holes in the bottom corner of the pizza.

To add to the oomph of the meal, I made the pizza sauce from a can of tomato paste and some random herbs from my herb garden. Mmm, herbs...

And since I'm doing things in non-chronological order, here's a shot of the finished product. (We were all so hungry that I forgot to get a shot of it before chopping it up.)

On the side, we also had a Caesar salad. Most of the lettuce was from the garden but I also supplemented it with some lettuce my uncle had gifted us from his garden. I don't have a picture of the salad, but here's my pretty lettuce. It's so happy looking.

The kids, oddly, went totally nuts over the salad. While they didn't manage to quite finish their pizza they polished off their portions of Caesar and were rather put out that there wasn't enough for seconds.

And finally, to top off the meal (and to make up for the fact that the only fresh fruit we have in the house today are these really sad brown bananas) we made a fruit crisp. We threw in a huge pile of blueberries from the freezer as well as some rhubarb from the garden. Olivia was my tiny helper who may have swiped a few frozen berries.

To make the crisp super special, we made the butter that we put in it. We pulled some of the cream out of our fresh raw milk and gave it a whirl in the food processor until it looked something like this:

The kids found the whole food processor thing to be quite fun. Lily would turn it on, Olivia would randomly crank the speed up and down, and Nick would yell and jump up and down. They made lots of noise and we all laughed our butts off.

We strained the butter in a colander, pressed it, rinsed it, and cooled it in the fridge. (Although in retrospect why did I cool it if I was just going to toss it into a hot oven? Hmm.)

I stirred some local raw honey into the berry/rhubarb combo to sweeten things up a bit. Olivia got to lick the spoon after, which was apparently a blissful moment.

I also took a bit more cream (we've got almost 4 gallons of milk in the fridge today!) to make some fresh whipped cream to go on top of the crisp. The end result looked something like this:

And there you have our supper of awesome food! You don't even want to know what my kitchen looks like, but we all had an enormous amount of fun and it all tasted better than I could have hoped.


Tammy said...

mmm...the description and the pictures are making me hungry. Home made pizza, salad and crisp.

Crisp (apple, blueberry, rhubarb) is one of those great staples that tastes soooo good and is pretty easy to make.

I am getting groceries tonight, I think I will get some apples and make one too!

legion said...

You are my hero Kim. This is... this is the blog post I want to be able to write one day.

KimProbable said...

Hey, thanks James! Your food talk on your blog has totally inspired me to think and do more. :)

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