15 August 2010

Last week we made a trip to Ikea to pick up a bookshelf/room divider for the kids' room and while we were there we made a spur of the moment decision to buy a kitchen island. (Well, I call it spur of the moment but in reality I'd almost bought it a few months ago when I was there last.) Liam and I were both drooling over it in the store and the $149 price tag marked down from $500ish from when it was a current model convinced us to make the leap.

We were going to leave it as an empty tabletop for the time being and pick out the "guts" (drawers and/or cabinets) later on but we discovered this morning that you can't actually assemble the island without the inner framework. Personally, I think it would have been nice if the Ikea lady we talked to had pointed that out when we discussed our plans with her but oh wel...

Anyhow, we went back out today and I got to choose what I wanted to put in the island. I ended up with four small drawers in the top row and then two layers of deep drawers, leaving me with four small and four large drawers all together. We picked out some white drawer fronts and some stainless steel hardware.

The choice in drawer fronts is a bit of another leap in faith because our current kitchen cabinets are woodgrain, so I'm working on the assumption that we'll be able to change them out at some point. It's an upgrade that is really worthwhile since our current cabinets are old and gummy and two panels are missing while one door is totally mismatched.

It always seems that one upgrade leads right into another, but I'm more than ok with making some changes in our kitchen. We really haven't put much money into updating our house in the 4 years we've lived here and either we'll stay and enjoy the fruit of our work or we'll be making worthwhile changes for sale potential if we make the move out into the country.

And on that note, off I go back to help Liam who's still chugging along in the island assembly!


Shaun said...

PICTURES! I demand pictures!

Tammy said...

An island is so nice because you can walk around them and you are not facing into the wall. They make rolling out pie dough and stuff so much easier. Does it have wheels on it or is it stationary?

KimProbable said...

I'll see if I can get some pictures up for tonight, Shaun. Right now it's got a big piece of cardboard on top to protect it while we build the drawers and only one drawer is in. Liam's been chipping away at it since he's been home and we're hoping to polish it off once the kids go to bed.

I'm really excited to make good use of the island while baking! My plan is to get all my bulk baking goods into the big drawers and have bowls and measuring cups in one of the drawers too so that everything is nice and accessible. It's a stationary island, though it seems to slide fairly easily on the tile. It's frigging huge though (bigger than the kitchen table) so once it's all set up I think it'll just be staying in one place.

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