21 August 2010

Six years ago today, Liam and I were married at Our Lady of Perpetual Help church out in Sherwood Park. The ceremony was beautiful and so many people came out to help us celebrate. It was exactly the kind of joyous and laid-back event that we'd hoped for. Everything from seeing all of our relatives to having Nick fall asleep in Liam's arms on the dance floor that night was heartwarming and memorable.

In the six years that have passed, our lives have grown so much. We moved from our condo to a beautiful house. We added a couple of girl babies, a dog, and a cat to our family. Liam's grown his career to a self-directed and fulfilling place. I've taken on various new paid and volunteer jobs which have brought me great satisfaction.

And in the midst of it all, this marriage of ours has grown right along with us. The Kim and Liam who went to Lethbridge for their honeymoon were dizzingly in love, filled with awe and excitement that they were finally married.

These days, my heart glows with contentment. The countless moments of tenderness and joy and companionship that have filled the last six years fill my heart everyday. The mad passion that encompassed us in the early days has been balanced by depth and strength.

For all the ways in which our marriage has been exactly what I'd hoped and all the ways in which it is so much better than I could have dreamed, I am grateful. Liam is a man kinder, deeper, and more generous than anyone I have ever met and I am honored to be his wife.

Happy anniversary Liam! I love you so much!!


El Cliff said...

Kilts on a windy day...yeah, THAT worked great...:)

Brad said...

Congrats on 6 years! That's pretty awesome! Not sure about the kilt, but awesome still. :)

Wait... Did Cliff have to wear a kilt too? Now that would be funny. lol

Tammy said...

Congrats you guys, what nice photos!

KimProbable said...

Yeah, Cliff in a kilt was not.

No wait. Did I say Cliff? I meant Liam. Yeah! Liam in a kilt was really hot. I didn't even notice Cliff. Much.

Thanks Tammy!

legion said...

I think there's a problem in the Johnstone marriage. A very deep and serious problem. It's been six years and I suppose I better just go ahead and say it.

Liam doesn't wear enough kilts.

There, I said it! Judge me if you want, I understand if this means we're no longer friends, but it had to be said. Every time I've been over to your house, or you to ours, Liam typically wears pants. Perhaps there are private moments involving Liam and kilts I don't know of, but I'm going to extrapolate that this is not the case.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the marriage and beautiful life you guys have built together is amazing. But let me ask you, wouldn't it be that much better if Liam wore kilts? I mean like, every day.

hahaha :) Congratulations on six amazing years. I remember your wedding and it was an amazing time. I believe we drunkenly crashed at Atti's place that night. You guys threw a fantastic wedding and it's been followed up by a spectacular marriage.

Good on you! (and I'm serious about the kilts, you gotta work on Liam in that regard)

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