12 August 2010

I've no idea
What to write
And it's already
After midnight.

I could tell you
About my day
And how I cleaned
So much dirty away

Or the pudding I baked,
Such a total flop
Not even Liam
Would eat that slop.

But I have few words
On a day like today
My thoughts turn in
And I have little to say.



El Cliff said...

Well, you have solved the eternal question : Is there something Liam won't eat?

Apparently there is. :)

Liam J. said...

Actually, the pudding wasn't bad. If I'd been online when you were having that conversation, I would have let you know that that pudding burned my mouth. Once it had cooled down, it was a lot like a molasses-y pumpkin pie.

El Cliff said...

See, the thing is Liam, you saying something isn't bad always comes with the caveat that you're the dude who once told me that undercooked pancakes are like a pancake with a tasty, creamy center. :)

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