06 August 2010

I've been to Folk Fest each year for the past 13 or so years and it's become a tradition for our family and a way of marking the passing of the summers. There's the year my Grandma died, the years I was pregnant with Nick and Lily, the year Olivia was just a couple of weeks old, the year we were Folk zombies as it was two weeks before our wedding and we were mega stressed.

This year, our arrangements for tickets fell through and the festival sold out in only a handful of hours which was something that had never happened before. I went through a panic of trying to get tickets through a swap board and Kijiji, but nothing panned out until this afternoon. (I like to think that the two hour nap Olivia and I took this morning was a magic nap that made all sorts of good things happen.)

So anyhow, we've got our weekend passes and we were out at the hill tonight. The weather turned out to be great despite the threat of thunderstorms and we ran into quite a few people we know (Hi Kim and Vlad!!!).

I've come to the conclusion that the more kids we add to our family, the less music we actually get to listen to. When it was just Nick, he'd bebop around on the blanket and would often go off with my parents for long stretches of time. The year before we got married was filled with these long blissful stretches of just listening to the music and holding Liam's hand. Tonight, Liam spent long stretches of time at the playground with the big kids while I held Olivia's hand as she walked circles around me on the blanket.

It is what it is, though, and I think that the music itself is only a fraction of the fun. The atmosphere, the so so yummy foods, the kids activities, and the visiting with friends are all a huge part of the event for us too.

Tonight ended on a rather sour note for Nick since he had to walk to the bus in his bare feet. For some reason (that only makes sense to 9 year old boys I think) he decided to bury his Crocs in the sand. He got distracted and then couldn't find them again, despite the help from Liam and then Kim and Vlad.

The super tired kids are all tucked in bed now and once we've all had a good night's sleep and hit the store for some new shoes for Nick we'll pack up our bags and hit the hill again. Woo!


Tammy said...

That is such a great venue, have a great time today, the weather is looking excellent.

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