03 August 2010

It's the start of the summer blogging challenge. OooooOOOOOh!

I started a post earlier today which I was going to finish off tonight, but between my hollow brain this evening and the feverish baby in my lap I'm lacking some oomph in my writing abilities. Instead, in the name of starting things off on a positive note I give you my list of things I'm grateful for today.

1) Liam. Coming up on our 6 year wedding anniversary has had me reflecting on our relationship lately and gosh darn if I didn't pick me a stellar husband. Liam, you rock my world and I love you more each day.

2) My kiddos. Every day these little people I live with teach me so much about the true priorities in life. They keep things real and I can't imagine life without them.

3) Good friends. We spent this past weekends with old friends. We've seen each other through births, deaths, marriages, and all the little moments in between. There is something deep down good for the soul in spending time in friendships of such depth.

4) My home. Being away from home makes the house feel so much cozier when you come back to it, no matter how fantastic the trip was. I love my home and the way that yesterday's memories and today's noises fill it up with joy.

5) Breastfeeding. Olivia's fever and funky belly issues over the past 3 days has meant that she's pretty much off solid foods and is nursing quite a lot. I'm grateful that breastfeeding allows me to keep her hydrated and comforted throughout this illness.

And on that milky note, the little hot-head and I are off to bed. Happy start of the summer blog challenge!


Tammy said...

It's always good to remind ourselves of the things we love and are grateful for. Too often they get lost in the crap that ticks us off
; )

Shaun said...

I can totally relate to how you felt after the weekend last year. I wish we could have been there however we will NOT miss next year and make sure we book August and Sept long weekends off just to make sure.

Last year it was almost like a family reunion is the feeling I got. Honestly the friends we have and how long most of us have known each other it is just like that.

I'm excited to bring my kids to these weekends so they can hang out with all your kids and all the other kids that come too.

Kyle & Erron you've created something pretty special with that house/farm!

Liam J. said...

This post makes me very happy. And not just because you say I'm awesome.

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