07 August 2010

I have all these ideas for things I want to write about. Things that are more interesting than what I did today or what funky virus Olivia may or may not have had.

Vlad told me this evening I should write about midwifery care in Alberta. I want the brain power for that. I want to write about birth options (and the lack thereof). I want to write about why we chose to have an unassisted birth last year. I want to write about public breastfeeding and why people need to be supportive of breastfeeding mothers. I want to write about barefoot running and why my Vibrams aren't just funny looking shoes. I want to write about flower essences. I want to write about babywearing and why seeing tiny babies danging in Bjorns and other crotch-dangling carriers makes me cringe. I want to write about why we left the public school system and how our family got on the path to unschooling.

And yet...I'm tired. Too tired to feel passionate about writing anything. Too tired to translate the thoughts in my brain into words on the screen.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe after I get a real night's sleep? It might be a few years...


Tammy said...

Sounds like you have some great topics...don't stress yourself, you have all month so I am sure they will come.

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