01 May 2006

I am growing increasingly disgusted with the parents in my area. (No, this is not aimed at anyone with the last name of Leddy!) Here’s warning that this is nothing but a rant because I’m very ticked off.

On Friday, I saw a little boy wandering around alone in our parking lot. He followed my neighbour up the stairs to her house and I offered to take him back home. This cute little boy was maybe 3 1/2 years old, couldn't tell me where his home was, and trustingly took my hand and followed me as we tried to find his Mom. As grateful as I was to be able to help him out, it scared me how easily he followed me, a total stranger, around. We eventually found a man (Dad, Uncle, random guy??) who said he was looking for him. He very nonchalantly explained that the boy had taken the garbage out and walked off with him.

Today, a little boy (about 4 years old) a few doors down played outside from 10-1:30 and Nick played with him from about 10:30-11 and when the little boy went to ask his mom if he could come over to our house, she was nowhere to be found. He called and called her but nobody answered. After Nicholas was gone to school, the boy continued to play outside of our yard and teased Jack by yelling at him, poking his fingers through the fence, and putting sticks over the fence. I asked him FIVE times to stop teasing the dog and then I went outside and very loudly (are you hearing this Mom??) told him to stop it immediately.

A full half hour later, I heard his mom asking him “Are you still playing with your friend? If he’s not outside anymore come back in the yard”. Sorry, lady, but my kid has been gone for almost an hour and a half. Maybe you’d have noticed if you were actually properly supervising your kid.

I’m sad to see how little supervision these young kids seem to have. When did kids stop being important?? My kids are the most precious things in the world to me and I can't imagine letting them wander around without anyone keeping an eye on them. It takes all of two seconds for some sicko to make off with them, or for them to get hurt.

Just parent your children already.


Shiny Beamer said...

yeah - I'm pretty protective of my kids too - especially outside. It's hard to understand it when other parents are non-attentive. It's pretty sad.

domesticvixen said...

I am typing this as the kids next door are running around hitting things with a big stick.

I can't wait until they move.

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