04 May 2006

I ran both yesterday and today. Yay me!

Yesterday I went for 45 minutes and picked Nicholas up from school on the way back. Today Lily, Jack, and I headed out and I ran/walked a total of 35 minutes. I was originally going to just walk today and run tomorrow instead but I was feeling really good and Liam convinced me to go for it.

My ankle is holding out pretty well though it's kind of sore right now. I've already iced it once and I'll ice it at least once more tonight. I'd be very bummed out if I messed it up and set myself back again.

I'm pretty happy with the running I'm able to do. I thought I'd have to take things a lot more slowly than I am, but I guess that the regular walking I'd been doing combined with being pretty busy throughout the day have kept me in better shape than I'd anticipated.

After talking with Chantal last night (who is currently doing a Running Room clinic), I started thinking about doing the run/walk ratio Running Room suggests. After a number of weeks, you work up to 5 minutes of running to 1 minute of walking, then in the long term 10 running to 1 walking. They suggest running entire half-marathons in this manner. (When I did my half-marathon in 2002 my training didn't involve any type of walking breaks)

Anyhow, today I paid attention to my stopwatch and aimed for a 2:1 ratio. Unfortunately, the mental part of paying such close attention to my time caused me some grief and I'd shoot myself down or get too anxious to push for as long as I could really go. Next run, I'll tune out the watch and just focus on how I feel. Maybe I'll try incorporating a 5:1 when I'm more into the swing of things.

And that is the end of my mental ramblings on running.


Shiny Beamer said...

GREAT JOB!!! I'M REALLY PROUD OF YOU!!! Great big pat on the back for ya, Kim!

Shiny Beamer said...

YES to coffee at your place! That would be GREAT! Just let me know when it's good. I can bring some type of yummy goody. What do ya like?

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