30 May 2006

Discalimer: Any typos or non-sense phrases are a direct result of the yummy mango peach coolers and I accept no reponsibility whatsoever. Nyah.

I felt like sharing my thoughts on the following book and movies which I have recently watched or read.


The Notebook: Liam and I really enjoyed this movie, so he bought the novel for me (birthday, Christmas...? I dunno). Anyhow, it's amazing. If you haven't seen the movie yet, rent it and sit at home with a box of kleenex. If you've watched the movie, buy (0r borrow from me) the book. As is typical of books, it offers far more depth in the characters and the sorrow conveyed by the narrator is much more intense. I came away from it thinking "I'm so glad to have found my true love" , "I hope I never take a day for granted" and "I can't wait to be looking back on a lifetime of shared memories". A must-read for married folk who want to appreciate the golden days of marriage.

War of the Worlds: I wish someone had told me it would be such a waste of time. It really did seem like it was going somewhere for a long time, and I even liked Tom Cruise in it, but what's with leaving so many questions unanswered in the terrible terrible ending? I give it a big fat raspberry. Screw you for wasting my evening.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Fun! Pretty much exactly what I'd expected. Quick and entertaining without a whole lot of substance, but things blew up and Brad Pitt was in it. I even managed to get past my dislike of Angeline Jolie enough to not be irritated by her. The best part (and the part I showed Nick) was when they shot the crap out of their house. (The house, by the way, made me insanely jealous, and not because of how huge it was but because of how clean and toy-free it was. Oh, but to have a house without toys and craft supplies everywhere...)

Fantastic Four: Another fun one. There were a few moments where it was necessary to turn off logic and remind oneself "It's based on a comic book", but all it all it was good. It made me laugh out loud several times, and that's never a bad thing. Mostly-naked dude wrapped in a pink jacket was amusing. I was also thrilled to see Commish playing a part. He's so cool.


domesticvixen said...

Where's my cooler?

KimProbable said...

I've still got a few in the fridge, don't worry. I even bought pretty pink glasses and a yummy treat!

domesticvixen said...

Oooooo! Now I can't wait!

Jo said...

Kim Kim Kim. Fantastic Four was a terrible movie, you must have been drunk when you were watching it. Cause thats the only way it could be good.

KimProbable said...

I can't remember if I'd been drinking during that one. I know I had a cooler with the new Zorro flick. Antonio and booze...mmm...

Jo said...

Mmmmm Antonio...see I hear thats a bad movie too, I have yet to see it, but with Antonio in it how can you go wrong.

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