29 May 2006

Spring camp was this weekend and in light of that, here are some haikus a la spring camp.

Lily's pearly whites
Finally edged through her gums
Are there one or two?

Last camp they drank wine
We did juice and garlic shots
Well, maybe just me

How much corn was popped
By Akela late at night?
Enough to stuff us

Pit stop at Esso
Chunky puke in plastic bag
Nick felt much better

Sunshine in the morn
Sudden hail storm drenches kids
Look, the sun is back

Highlight of the fire
Was my kid telling his jokes
And others' punchlines


Morrigan said...

I am glad that he got one of our punchlines. It was so cute how proud he was.

Shiny Beamer said...

Sounds like a good time. Glad it turned out well.

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