01 February 2006

Ugh. I was up until 12:30 last night with Lillian and Nicholas was awake and hacking in my ear at 6 am. Exactly how many cups of coffee am I now entitled to?

I'm seriously considering ducking out of grocery shopping this afternoon so the Lil and I can sneak in a nap before my appointment at the bank at 2.

You've gotta love kids. Not only do they give you stretch marks and mess up your house, they also keep you on the edge of lunacy through lack of sleep.

Speaking of messing up the house, does anyone else think that the Mommy Goddess got things really screwed up in the mess and time department? If you have no kids, you have lots of time and very little mess. If you've got kids you end up with lots of mess and very little time. I've also noticed that it just seems to get worse when the children multiply.

Update: Yes, the fun continues. Shortly after writing this I went downstairs and saw that Fingers had knocked over a glass of milk on the kitchen table. Suddenly my idea of storing my scrapbooking things in the new shelving unit on the table seemed quite stupid since the box for my photos has been trashed. The chair and carpet are also soaked in milk. Yum.

While I was downstairs cleaning this up Jack snuck into my room (the door to which I was certain I'd closed) and woke Lillian up. Many profanities have since been muttered.


domesticvixen said...

I feel your pain.

Shiny Beamer said...

my favorite bible verse applies:

"It has come to pass..."

Hang in there, girl! There will be some better days.

Make sure on days like this that you go somewhere and just scream. It feels good - trust me! Oh sure, your throat might be sore but your beat up soul will feel better.

KimProbable said...

My beat up soul. I like that.

After a stressful evening of Nicholas making me crazy and Lillian refusing to sleep, the day is now over. It ended on a good note since Lily finally stayed asleep and I got to watch a new episode of Bones. Yay for dead people.

domesticvixen said...

Bones in German is Knochen.

Baron Von Cliff said...

I'm not a fan of Bones, but I AM a fan of Kim not being driven in to a rage-y insanity, possibly featuring a cleaver, so I'm all for KIM being a fan of Bones. Or something.

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