02 February 2006

A true mom video clip. If you're offended by boobage flashing or a nursing kid, don't click!

Nursing on the go


Liam J. said...

Not offended, so much as at work.

KimProbable said...

Yeah, maybe wait til you get home. I don't want you bringing home your stuff in a cardboard box over my blog.

domesticvixen said...

How does she stay up? I'd be afraid of falling over onto the kid.

Baron Von Cliff said...

...the comments make me curious, and a little afraid. Curse my at-work-edness!

Shiny Beamer said...

man... that was hilarious! My kids were like : "gross"!!!

Kyle said...

Erron and I watched it together, it was hilarious! How did I go from a guy who would say, "check it out, boobies!" to "awww, that's so sweet, he's nursing..." Oh yes, it's fatherhood.

other kids vomiting vegetables, you say?

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