22 February 2006

Here's a Wednesday afternoon math lesson for my blog-readers:

Kim + Snow + Stairs + Sandals = Krista's couch + Advil + Baggie of snow

Yup. I pulled a Liam and sprained my ankle. I was taking Nicholas out to the bus and fell down the cement stairs leading down to the road. I was wearing slip-on sandals and now I feel really really dumb. Ugh.

I called Nick's school and they're going to bring him out to the parking lot so I don't have to get out of the car. Krista's going to come by and carry Lily down to the car for me in a little while.

Somebody tell me that this is the only way in which Liam is rubbing off on me. If I start going bald next I'm filing for a divorce. (Sorry Liam.)


Shiny Beamer said...

I'm really sorry to hear this. I'll pray for a VERY speedy recovery!


domesticvixen said...

You didn't mention the coffee. Everything is better with coffee.

As for the becoming Liam thing - it was bound to happen. I just didn't think it would happen this quickly. I thought you would have had at least another five or six years before the transformation would begin.

KimProbable said...

Ah yes, the coffee. Krista medicated me with Advil and coffee. The fact that I was still in pain after that showed that I wasn't faking it.

Quick update: We ventured out to the Medicenter tonight to rule out a fracture in my foot/ankle. After the doctor wiggled it a few times he declared it "Not broken". Woot.

The swelling has been going up all evening and the pain right along with it. The new word of choice (cover your eyes Helen!) is Fuckerbitch. It makes it hurt less sometimes.

domesticvixen said...

Helen ain't all that sweet and innocent. I've heard a profanity or two uttered from those cute little lips. Nothing as bad as that, though.

domesticvixen said...

The wordverification for this one is:

xuzyqtie (and I just heard "Susie Cutie" on the radio last night!)

Baron Von Cliff said...

That certainly is a crappy way to return home. But, on the flipside, that IS a fine new curse combo you've put together, there.

Shiny Beamer said...

I am so shocked and dismayed! How dare you ruin my pristine reputation, vixie!!!

As far as your language goes, Kim - well, I will be right over to wash that mouth out with LEVER 2000!!! Naughty Kimmie!!! (I have been wanting to call you that for, oh so long!) On the serious side, increased swelling and pain is quite the bad sign.

Oh - and by the way:


W - E - D - D - I - N - G!!!!!!

domesticvixen said...

I think that we should keep all wedding details from Helen. I don't she needs to know about the dresses, the food, the family, the honeymoon destinations... she doesn't need to know details like that. Not at all.

domesticvixen said...

That last comment was typed while two girls (Aura&Syd to be exact) were yelling at each other with me in the middle about pjs, so any and all spelling&grammatical errors (other than my usual, deeply ingrained ones, that is) are due to my ears and head ringing from fighting THAT IS STILL GOING ON!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

Shiny Beamer said...

well poo-poo on you!!!

Dylan said...

Were you even thinking about seperating hamburgers when you hurt yourself?

Stop thinking dirty thoughts.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Aaaauuugh! I'm suffering from overload! so many...directions...to take...comment...all awful...cannot decide!

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