16 February 2006

Well, we made it! After all the mad-dash packing and wrangling the kids into various vehicles, we're in Vancouver and I'm at my brother's place. We've been ditched for an hour or so while Trevor, Mina, and my parents go get an ultrasound of Baby MacPherson. I'm just a little bit jealous.

I'll keep this short and sweet since Nicholas is waiting for a turn at the computer. He has the difficult decision on whether he should play games off of the CBC Kids site or the Crayola Kids site. Life is full of dilemnas when you're 5 years old.

We've got us a fancy-schmancy hotel room. The bedroom has a door that separates it from the sitting room. OooOOOh! And the sitting room has a fridge, microwave, TV, and teenie tiny coffee maker.

Liam, if you read this before checking you e-mail, GO CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!

I'm done.


domesticvixen said...

Tsk. Only apart for a few hours and already sending kinky emails...

Liam J. said...

For your information, Vixen, the email was only kinky a little bit.

For your information, Kim, I have read the e-mail and I will respond a leetel later when I've dealt with a problem at the office.

For all of you now wondering what the problem is at the office, we sent out the wrong drawing package and I have to find out why.

The end.

Baron Von Cliff said...

The answer is...one of your underlings is an idiot, and needs to be severely punished!

I'm waiting for Kim's next message, when we hear how Nick helped himself to the 'free' little snacks in the room fridge, and the hotel bill is now $845.67.

Sean Woods said...

Liam, I think you should go around stunning people on your last day at the Big H.

Liam J. said...

That would be a short trip. I think my next stunner(tm) is my last.

And who's to say I won't be here until I retire?

Baron Von Cliff said...

I dunno...you might not have a high enough evil quotient to be a Halliburton lifer. I think you need to club a baby animal to death in a shamanistic ceremony at some point to prove your loyalty.
Either that, or find some weapons of mass destruction.

Sean Woods said...

Or maybe shoot one of your friends with a shotgun.

That is, someone other than me.

Baron Von Cliff said...

Now, you don't want it to be a fatal shooting. They obviously don't go for that. If you feel like killing people, you have to find a way for others to do that FOR you.

But you will need to wing somebody.

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