06 February 2006

Here's where things stand as of today:
Total weight lost: 15 lbs
Weight left to lose before April 1: 10 lbs
Total weight remaining to goal: 40 lbs

I'm chipping away at the pounds and it looks like I'll make it to my mini-goal. Woohoo!! On Sunday I wore a skirt that I haven't fit into since early in my pregnancy when Lily made my belly start to bulge.

Today I finally did a workout video like I've been meaning to for a few months. The video was aptly named Shaping Up For Dummies and goes through twelve exercises with two sets of twelve for each. Lillian played on the floor and behaved fabulously. A dirty diaper necessitated a quick bum change between exercises 7 and 8. My doing push-ups over top of her proved to be too much of a temptation and she required a quick snack before I could move on to the next exercise. All in all, it worked out quite well so hopefully this will inspire me to do videos on a regular basis.


Shiny Beamer said...

yay, Kim!

I actually love doing exercise videos. My favorite ones are by a fitness trainer named Karen Voight. She has really great workouts. There is one video that features Elle MacPherson that I really enjoy. Too bad it's been ages since I actually put it into the VCR! I have a whole bunch of different videos. If you ever want a change and would like to borrow one of mine, just let me know.

domesticvixen said...

Do you know where the weight goes when you lose it? If it doesn't stick to the husband, it heads towards the nearest friend.

Thanks a lot. Really.

KimProbable said...

Hey, you've lost a lot of weight since I first met you. All I'd done since meeting Liam (and hence you) was gain weight. I've gotta draw the line somewhere baby!

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