12 July 2005

The next time I say I'm going to state 100 of anything, someone smack me. Seriously.

36) I've owned five dogs in my life. Skunky (a black and white terrier), Lady (a Cocker Spaniel cross), Oliver (world's grumpiest dog ever), Riley (the summertime Lab), and Jack (a black and white terrier). I've come full circle.

37) As opposed to what my dear son may think, I prefer to use the bathroom alone. I have this strange notion that it's a time for quiet solitude, not conversations about Pokemon or Sponge Bob.

38) I've never been to Europe, and I'll be an extremely grumpy old woman if I never get to go. (There's a subtle hint for you Liam)

39) I love my husband. I'm also in love with him. I think they can be very different things.

40) On the topic of Liam, I love the way he stutters and stumbles through what he's saying when he get's very animated. It's cute. I try not to laugh out loud, but usually fail miserably.

41) I lost my high school grad ring. I regret it, but now I wear my college grad ring anyhow.

42) I think I'm right all the time. Just ask Liam.

43) I know how to throw a football, sort of. I got Liam to teach me and yelled at him every time he offered me advice.

44) As a follow-up to #43, I hate not knowing how to do something. It makes me feel dumb and I don't deal well with that.

45) I watched "Sixth Sense" 5 years ago and I still get scared from it sometimes. Dead people creep me out.

46) I like blue. It's pretty.

47) My feet are now so swollen that even my sandals are getting too tight. This didn't happen last pregnancy. It's not fair. Somehow, I'll find a way to blame Liam.

48) I can play the piano a bit. I took lessons for two years and I play a bit now and then.

49) And now for something I'm sure none of you really want/need to know: I've gone from a C cup to a D cup. Jugsy Johnstone indeed.

50) I've lost my kid twice. Once in Walmart and once in Costco, for a total combined time of something like 2 1/2 minutes. These have been, by far, the two most frightening experiences of my life. Yes, even more so than dead people.


Liam J. said...

You need to stop going shopping. That'll ensure you never lose Nicholas again.

dylan said...

# 39: After a while, you won't be in love with him. But you'll always love him (of course, this means anyone, anytime can have you committed).

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