07 July 2005

To pick up somewhere near where I left off last time:

16) I get totally weirded out when the baby kicks. I've been feeling movement for something like 15 weeks this time around, and I felt Nicholas dancing up a storm last time around, but it's still creepy on some level.

17) When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher. I don't know what happened to that idea, but I think I may have realized that I couldn't stand other people's children for that many hours each week.

18) When I was in junior high and high school, I wanted to be a vet. I ended up dropping out of Physics 30 when my mark dipped down to 40% or so, and I gave up on that dream.

19) I own a horse. I bought her when I was 14, and I paid for her with my babysitting money. Saving $2000 takes a long time when you're 14.

20) I'm now selling my horse. I haven't had the time to be serious about riding since before Nicholas was born, and with a new baby on the way things aren't really looking up in the equestrian part of my life. It's taken me 2 years to come to grips with the fact that I need to sell her. She was my first "baby".

21) I don't wear my wedding rings or my grad ring when I'm at home. I blame it on my puffy pregnant fingers, but I took them off quite often before I was pregnant.

22) I paid my parents $1 for my first car. It was an Olds Omega that I named Casey. The radio only played karaoke style on FM, the rear defrost button worked one time out of twenty, and there was a Green Swamp of Death on the passenger side floor. I sold it to a Newfie for $300.

23) I thought Nicholas was going to be a girl. His name was going to be Danika Marie.

24) The first time I met Liam I was 6 months pregnant with Nicholas, and Liam couldn't tell that I was pregnant. I thought he was a knob. Cute and interesting, but definitely a knob.

25) I once stole a toy from my nursery school. It was a little plastic lamb that all the kids wanted to play with. I stole it so that I could have it to myself, but forgot about it once I brought it home. I found it in a drawer years later and threw it out.


Liam J. said...

Just like your dad with the bowl - stealing is WRONG!

How sad were the rest of the kids when they found that the lamb was gone?

KimProbable said...

Hell, I was 4 years old. How am I supposed to remember if the other kids noticed?

Dylan said...

here you go, Dogan:

The lamb of God. You stole the lamb of God.

Sean Woods said...

Dyl - remember when you backed the toy sheep 'onto' Joseph in Mrs. Lemke's nativity scene?

That image makes me laugh to this day.

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