02 July 2005

I saw this somewhere and I thought it was cool.

Here are 100 things about me. I'm doing this in installments, because as cool and interesting as I am, even I don't feel like talking about me for that much time in one day.

1) I've gone to school for a total of 19 years: 2 of kindergarten (gotta love being a January baby), grades 1-12, two years at the British Columbia College of Equine Therapy, and 3 years at Grant MacEwan in the Holistic Health Practitioner program. I'm mega-smart now...and I'm a stay-at-home mom. Yeah.

2) I don't have a gall bladder. I had it removed when Nicholas was a week old after having attacks throughout my pregnancy. Labor was more bearable than gall bladder attacks. Ick.

3) My parents have been married for almost 31 years. I think that's pretty awesome. Hopefully Lumpy and I will make it at least that long!

4) My favorite authors include Rosamunde Pilcher, Belva Plain, Robin Hobb, Tanya Huff, Robert Fulghum, Mercedes Lackey, Morgan Llyweyn, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Caroline Myss, and Gary Zukav. Yay books.

5) I hate melons. Of any sort. They are the devil.

6) Continuing on the topic of missing body parts, I have had 8 adult teeth removed: all 4 wisdom teeth and all 4 eye teeth. On the plus side, my teeth now all fit into my mouth properly (with equal credit given to my orthodontist). On the minus side, I will never be a vampire. *sigh*

7) I seem to like September due dates. My first baby was due September 27, 2000. My second baby is due September 9, 2005. I also seem to like being pregnant in the summer. Really.

8) I'm an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. That means I was attuned three separate times, and, according to Jason, give strong Reiki Soup now. Mmm...soup.

9) I breastfed my son for a total of 2 years and 10 months. Yes, I'm one of those mothers. Don't get me started 'cause I like to talk.

10) I've been in three wedding parties in my life. I was flower girl for my uncle's wedding, maid of honor at my friend's wedding, and bride in...well, my wedding.

11) Although I like to think that I live my life without regret, sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock for an instant and hit him back. Just once. It would be incredibly satisfying.

12) My baby toes don't touch the floor when I stand. They're puny. Apparantly it's a hereditary thing.

13) I despise nail files. The sound of nails being filed sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me.

14) I've been growing my hair out for 4 years and it's still not long enough. There is no pleasing me.

15) I believe there's much more to the world than what we see. I've had conversations with trees, no matter what Liam says.

And that's my bit for today. I feel like I know myself oh so much more already. Go Kim!


Sean Woods said...

I like this idea.

3 awesome points for you.

KimProbable said...

Wow. 3 Woodsy awesome points are worth 7 regular-folk awesome points. I feel special now.

Liam J. said...

Time for an update already, Johnstone.

KimProbable said...

I've been busy. Every now and then I DO have moments of living away from the computer. Bite me baldy.

Anonymous said...

I'll take 15 points of Kim over 100 agonizing points from Liam any day...

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