19 November 2005

I apologize in advance for my bad language. I'm pissed off and I feel the need to swear.

Some ass stole my diaper bag this afternoon when we were at the pool. Liam and Nicholas went swimming and Lillian and I walked over after a while to watch them. I entered the pool, put my diaper bag down on a bench, and watched my boys. After a bit, I decided to go sit in a chair about 20 feet away from the bench. I couldn't see my bag from where I was sitting because it was around a corner, but I didn't think much of it.

About 20 minutes later, I went back to get my bag and it was gone. Someone picked up Lillian's snowsuit, took her diaper bag, and left. Fuckers.

When I realized that it was missing I spoke to a lifeguard and then a receptionist at the front desk. I was advised to check every locker, cubby, and change room in the locker rooms since thieves apparently go there with bags first.

After checking every single locker in the women's locker room and talking to several people, I decided to check the family change room before getting Liam to go through the men's locker room. Sure enough, there was my bag on a seat in the family change room. Fuckers.

Thankfully, I'd left my wallet at home so the only thing possibly worth stealing was my cell phone. It was still there and no calls had been made.

As I headed back onto the pool deck to tell Liam that all was well, I realized just how pissed off I was that someone's dirty thieving hands had been in my bag going through Lillian's things. Stupid asses. All they got for all their trouble of snatching my bag was glimpse of some diapers and a baby undershirt. I should have left a dirty diaper or two in there.


domesticvixen said...

That happened to me once, but the idiots ripped apart my bag, shredded the diapers, and ripped a brand new sleeper. They also stole my nice pen and writing book, twenty bucks (emergency funds that I always kept in my baby bag), and a pack of gum.

This was at the UofA, of all places.

KimProbable said...

There are jerks and there are real jerks. Apparantly I was lucky enough to have been bothered by just a jerk.

Dylan said...

they're all scum and should be punished... Stone Cold-style!

Sean Woods said...



Seeing Liam deliver a 'stunner' at the local pool would be incredible. Then he's slam two root beers together and drink the frothy goodness!

Liam still needs a "Liam - 3:16" shirt.

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