20 November 2005

  • Liam and I recently purchased a Nora Jones cd. I like it muchly. It seems to make our house mellow. I think I listened to it 5 times back to back on Friday.

  • There was a drunk guy pissing on the steps to our complex this evening when my Mom brought Nicholas home. I wonder if he got any in the Leddy yard...

  • I need to lable bottles in my house. I used some oil on Lillian's head because her scalp has been dry and flakey the past few days. I thought I was putting almond oil on her but upon closer sniffing I realize it was Benediction Oil. She didn't react to it, so I'm not the worst mother in the world...barely.

  • Lillian has pretty much settled on waking at 4 am and 7 am for feedings. I usually only wake up until she's latched on then I'm snoozing again before she's even done eating, so I pretty much feel like I'm sleeping through the nights already. Yay for my good-sleeping baby!

  • Liam found me some more Tanya Huff novels at Wee Book on Friday. Now I just need more hours in the day so I can actually read them.


domesticvixen said...

No men peeing, but a rowdy bunch from next door that started quite the brawl.

By the time the police came, the scattered (I wonder why) - and our covert spying operation was over.
It must have looked funny - both of us at different windows peeking through the drapes, making sure we couldn't be seen from the street...

KimProbable said...

Man, the things we upstairs people miss out on. There wasn't even anything to see when that cop was next door yesterday.

Liam said...

Man peeing on random houses = ROB

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