02 November 2005

That haze that enveloped me in the last weeks of pregnancy and only became worse once Lillian came along and wrecked my sleeping schedule is slowly lifting. I've been feeling back to myself (well, mostly anyway) and I've been itching to do things which are more intellectually stimulating than changing diapers and doing the "Please stop crying" dance around the living room.

I've started writing a newsletter about alternative therapies and horses, which will hopefully be a stepping stone to me turning my focus back to my equine clients (for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about see http://www.passages.7h.com). I'm working out the formatting for a quarterly newsletter which will include info on the work I do with horses, spotlights on Flower Essences, and activities for riders to try out at home (or rather at the barn I suppose). I'm still trying to decide if I'm writing it more for gaining new clients or more for my own satisfaction. Does it matter?

The other "project" I'm undertaking is writing a story for the La Leche League magazine New Beginnings. I'd describe what I have in mind, but it seems that what I write takes on a life of its own and rarely ends up bearing any resemblance to what I'd intended at the start. If I ever complete it I'll be sure to post a copy here. And if it manages to get printed I'll brag about it big time.

Something else I'm looking forward to is doing the La Leche League leader training. For those not in the know, LLL is an international organization that offers information and support to breastfeeding mothers. They rock.

Anyhow, I was approached by a current leader I know and she invited me to become a leader. I'm not sure on the details of the training, but it involves some written materials as well as a period of mentoring with a leader. I'll find out more this week.

I have found LLL to be such a wonderful resource and I believe that what they do is very important. I'd love to be a part of it all, and I think it would be a wonderful way of bringing the focus of the human side of my practice around to women and babies as I'd been wanting to do.

On that note, I'm off. I can't sit here sniffing Lillian's head all day or Liam will get angry with me.


domesticvixen said...

Or Liam will get angry with me.

Is that because he wants to be sniffing Lillian's head all day?

Sean Woods said...

Liam's always angry for one reason or another.

Example: I offered to buy him lunch the other day, and he told me to go f#ck myself.

That's just his way, and I don't judge him for it.

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