07 October 2005

I'm turning into a total bore, I know. I don't have two awake brains cells with which to write anything entertaining, but I do have some oh-so-cute pictures.


domesticvixen said...

Very nice!

She's looking more like a baby, not like a newborn (read as she's looking more and more like her, less and less the generic newborn).

KimProbable said...

You calling my kid an ugly newborn? :P

And yes, I agree with you. Now that she's filling out and actually makes some facial expression we're seeing the "real" her.

I'm feeling very Leddy deprived. I realize it's my own fault since I've been a hermit lately, but I need to do something to change that. I think I'm ready to have a social life again.

domesticvixen said...

I don't know if you really want to see us... right now I have a three year old wailing at the door because she is grounded from playing outside, an eight year old that has been giving me attitude (non-stop), and a really whiney six year old that bursts into tears at the drop of a hat. Oh, the dog. Can't forget the dog. Didn't get her usual romp at the park today due to three year old tantrum, whiney six, and attitude giving eight.

Did I mention anything about a screaming three year old?

domesticvixen said...

I just realized that she looks like a Niam. Nick/Liam hybrid.

Morrigan said...

She's very cute! I can't wait to meet her in person.

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