19 October 2005

Today is Wednesday, otherwise known as Edmonton Examiner day. As mentioned in my previous Flyer Girl entry, we rarely receive our copy. After last week's "episode" I had given up all hope of ever receiving another Examiner in our mailbox. I had even formed a plan to ask for Krista's leftovers.

This afternoon Flyer Girl did not make an appearance. Instead, she apparantly sent in her sidekick Flyer Boy. Somehow, he managed to place our Examiner in our mailbox without losing life or limb.

Will wonders never cease?

(For those who are wondering, yes I do realize that my world is far too small if I'm devoting this much energy to the delivery of flyers and the occasional Edmonton Examiner.)


domesticvixen said...

We didn't get one.

I blame you.

Liam J. said...

Blame Zoe. She's probably the reason.

Dylan said...

Maybe I'm biased, but can't you just subscribe to a real paper?

jpddlxir - Johnstone's piddle elixir: A miracle of modern engineering!

KimProbable said...

Real papers are for those fancy rich folks.

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