26 October 2005

Go here: http://www.innergeek.us/ and take this geek test. It's a bit long but good.

I'm apparantly not very geeky (only 12.62327%). I cringed at how many I knew Liam would check off.

How geeky are you?


Liam J. said...

A long time ago, there was strife in the kingdom of Caemlyn.
The elite people wanted their freedom from the swarthy High Chancellor Supreme. The swarthy High Chancellor Supreme, however, had different plans. He wanted to dance the elite people to fight for the Orseer. The people of Caemlyn gathered in the local Lounge to flip the bear. The elder policeman spoke first. We must stomp the High Chancellor Supreme, who is now more loud than swarthy!!! Who will join me? I will, shouted Ethan, the kingdom's car salesman. I think your idea is intelligently Orseer, said the local Senior Data Manager. I'm too quick for this helicopter, anyway. Under a Killing Moon is a better waste of my beaker. The GM jumped his rib on the octagon. Gadzooks! Why don't you go play Ring around the rosey with Caliban if you don't like the way we play Dungeons and Dragons! You're such a 47.5%, Liam.


KimProbable said...

When I married you I didn't realize I was marrying a 47.5% geek. I'd thought you were maybe 30%. I feel cheated somehow.

Xeryfyn said...

Hmmm 29.5858% Pretty nerdy I guess. I *know* my husband is FAR geekier and I cringed too at how many he would check off!Oh well, staying at home atrophied my geekiness at least to some degree although I am sure it increased it in many others.
Hi!!! I have baby girl things if you need them. Oh and was Trish trying to get the playpen from me for you?? Its probably easier for us to have a playdate rather than bringing it all the way out to the farm.

MuddyBrown said...

I only scored a measly 29%. I thought I was way more of a geek. Perhaps it is a good thing I never really got into D&D.

Bake yourself a bit of qibbk, make sure to add a little cheese.

domesticvixen said...

Liam is a geek. So is Rob. Tim is more of a nerd.

Kim and I are the only cool ones... hip chicks.

You guys are just lucky that you know us, and that we let you hang out with us.

Sean Woods said...

I'm hovering around thirty percent.

This obviously isn't the most accurate geek test.

-nice picture, Kim

KimProbable said...

Chris: I'm not sure if Tricia was looking for one for me, but I already have one. As for the girl clothes, though, I'd be more than happy to have them. The more hand-me-downs we get the less money I'll spend on cute stuff!

Krista: You never posted your percentage!!

Sean: Thanks. It's one that Liam took of me on our honeymoon. Gotta love Lethbridge!

domesticvixen said...

If you must know, I scored 26.0355%.
I would like to point out that a good number of the questions I checked off were only because I have learned/experienced from Rob.

He has made me the geek I am.

That's what nine looooong years of marriage does to a girl.

Dylan said...

here's geek for you: The damn quiz wouldn't work on my mac.

Vlad said...

37.23421%... slightly over 1/3 almost 2/5 geek.

hrkwu (n.) - ancient chinese martial art concentrating of spitting. Derived from the sound of the "death loogie" being unleashed on oponent.

Liam J. said...

I can't believe how much more geeky I am than my geeky friends.

I think it requires that you have a broad spectrum of geekiness, rather than a deep, narrow geekiness.

Sean Woods said...

But I DO have a broad range of "geek" interests...

They seemed to put a lot of value into conventions, fantasy and comp sci categories...none of which I fall into.


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