13 September 2014

We had some great curriculum-fuelled moments of exploring this week.
Spinning homemade pinwheels in steam to go along with FIAR's Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel.
I feel like as a homeschooling mom my life is an ongoing effort to find balance. Balance between the kids' needs and mine, between spending time at home and going out, between allowing natural chaos and implementing structure. Some weeks, when I've had enough sleep and self care, I feel like I strike a pretty good balance for everyone. Some days things go right to crap because we've overscheduled ourselves, we're all sick, or the sun and the stars just aren't aligning properly.

This week was a week of fairly good balance on the homeschool front where we had a good mix of things.

And some kid-directed free time where they created some neat projects.
Making spoon princesses from an Usborne craft book while listening to the Frozen soundtrack.

We had a lot of fun times out with friends.
Scouts night for all three kids!
 Indoors and outdoors.
An afternoon in the woods with a homeschool get-together.

Homeschool drop-in bowling.

Bowlers don't follow road safety rules.
 And some quiet moments out in the yard to just relax.
Yard time in some much-needed autumn sunshine.
 I credit a good part of the nice flow for the week to mapping things out. With my Filofax laid out in front of me, I could easily see our scheduled plans and build  our structured learning and to do's around that.
Planning material to cover next week.
My biggest hitch in my week was definitely under the category of self care. I racked up a good amount of sleep (especially that night I accidentally fell asleep at 9 pm!) but my exercise was totally abysmal. I know that I feel better both mentally and physically when I work out regularly, but this week between a couple of things I just didn't get my butt in gear. I've mapped out the homeschool side of things for the week already, so I'll make it a priority before Monday morning to get my workouts written down (in pen!) so I'm accountable to myself.


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