12 March 2007

I haven't posted pictures in ages and since I just dumped a bunch of photos from the camera onto the computer today I thought this would be a good time.

My brother, his wife, and their baby were out for a visit last month. Here we all are at church. (And no I don't have a tree growing out of my head. It's some sort of Lenten decoration thingy.)

Trina and my kids. Can you believe she's only 7 months? She's heavier than Lily already! I could squeeze those cheeks all day.

A random image of what happens when we leave the kids alone with my parents so we can go out for a date.

Lily showing off her fancy outfit that Auntie Meghan gave her for Christmas.

My family of hoodies. Nick was sick in case you can't tell.

My kids along with Hailey, our recent "addition". I take care of her on Mondays and Tuesdays. She's 13 months and oh-so-adorable. She puts up with a lot from Lily!

This is us today after picking up Nick from the bus. Hailey on the front and Lily on the back.


El Cliff said...

My GOD! Two children are not enough...she's stealing more of them! And then proudly showing off her crime!

Cute pics. I think your brother's baby might weigh more than Nick, from the looks of things.

KimProbable said...

Yeah, I'm just noticing how tiny Nick looks in that picture. Both babies were sitting on top of him but somehow they've made him look TINY.

El Cliff said...

He appears to be nothing more than a head and a set of shoulders with a shirt sort of draped over the bottom part.

Shiny Beamer said...

soooooooo cute!

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